Tau Army Dra ‘rax – Part 5 

I couldn’t help myself, I had to do some converting haha. As mentioned in part 4 there’s definitely a bit of samurai type vibe to the Tau and I can see via Google images that a lot of people have done conversions in that sort of ilk. So I jumped on that particular band wagon and came up with this guy.  I call him Yūrei (ghost)

Some of you, in the last post, suggested that the katana needed a slight curve so I made sure this one had that look. I made the katana from one of the Tau rifles. 

I wanted the stance to be unique and poised ready to engage. I particularly like the right hand pointing behind his back. This is a small detail but an important one as I feel it really ties into the pose perfectly. 

Oh and I found a use for those drones and used a bit for the hat. 


23 thoughts on “Tau Army Dra ‘rax – Part 5 ”

  1. Great conversion Luke, wondered how long it would take for your desire to convert to takeover ! LOL The Tau indeed have a Samurai feel with they’re style of armour, so can instantly see the desire to head in that direction.

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