Tau Army Dra ‘rax – Part 6 

Ok so heres my big painting idea…

I wanted to churn out the Tau army as quickly as I could for three reasons. 

  1. I’m not a MASSIVE fan of the faction although I do have more of an appreciation for them now after painting them. 
  2. Simply for the challenge of trying to crack out a fully painted army as quickly as possible. 
  3. I’m keen to move onto a fun little project after I’ve finished this one. (More on that another day). 

So my idea was to base coat in black and then wrap elastic bands around everything and then spray them white to create a jagged/lined sort of look to them. Turns out some elastic (rubber) bands don’t like to be sprayed with acrylic spray paint and started snapping haha. After some trials and errors I finally managed to get a system that worked, sort of. They probably didn’t turn out as well as I expected but I still quite like the finished result. 

So let’s take a look starting with the infantry. 

Two fire teams 

Unarigoe (grunt) Team: Front line and/or first response warriors. 

As you can see they’re pretty dirty looking which was my intention. On reading some lore and facts about the Tau I learnt that their armour is very resilient and shows little, if any, wear and tear. I decided to add a little here and there anyway. I also added a couple of extra black stripes too. The unmasked troops, including the leader (on the cork), have white and black face paint. It doesn’t look that great though. 

Deruta (Delta) Team: Not quite veterans but better than grunts. 

I didn’t give these chaps an all over wash like I did with the grunts. Instead, I chose to pin wash with a little weathering to keep them looking fresher/cleaner. The red helmets look cool and also help me distinguish between them and the grunts. There are also a few snipers in this squad.

Next is the Pasufaindā (pathfinder) Reconnaissance Team. 
According to GW these are – “Light reconnaissance units, Pathfinder Teams are the eyes and ears of their Commander in a way no drone can yet emulate. A Pathfinder’s foremost role is not to engage the enemy, but instead to operate ahead of their comrades, close to their foe, to accurately scout the enemy.”

Instead of basing black, using rubber bands and then spraying white I did the reverse for a point of difference for this squad. I like it. I also added red but kept it to a bare minimum. I dry brushed with pale and grey and then a little white as well. 

Next I did the X3 XV8 Crisis Battlesuits in much the same way as the infantry ie the rubber band thing haha. 

I think they turned out ok. Not amazing but ok. 

Commander Velk’ Han was next and, again, I did the same technique with the rubber bands. I’d given him a bigger more interesting base because well errrr because he’s the commander I guess haha. 

For the basing, I used pigment, pigment medium, Agrax earthshade, dry brushed with a dark bone colour then added some tufts here and there. 

I still need to build and paint a couple of Piranha vehicles and a large KV128 Stormsurge and also paint the ethereal character I showed you a little while ago. 

Oh yeah and I painted Yūrei (Ghost) too. 

I hope everyone has been well. It’s a busy time of year for me because of Christmas but also because of work. Everything is a growing faster so, as a gardener, I’m run off my feet at present. However I really am hoping to finish off the Tau army before the year is out. Wish me luck 😊👍🏼


51 thoughts on “Tau Army Dra ‘rax – Part 6 ”

  1. The weathered embattled look works really well on them, and not something you see very often. Good luck with your target, especially with how busy you are.

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    1. The bands I used ended up being small rubber hair ties. They seemed a little stronger than the standard rubber band. However they were the ones that snapped once the acrylic was sitting on them for a while. I had to work fast hehe.

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  2. Very nicely done mate, they all look pretty cool to me. Trying new techniques is often about trial and error but I reckon what you tried out here worked very well. My eye was also drawn to the bases where I think you did an excellent job too. All in all a great looking army. 🙂

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  3. Damn, Dave G. took all of my comments! Look nice though I am curious as to the striping with the rubber bands. It does add to the look nicely, but is that a canon thing or just your own take (my guess is the latter). Good luck on the army build- get it done before the momentous Jan 11…

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  4. Very nice work getting so many of these xenos done, mate! I’m glad to see you worked some weathering into the Tau as it would be rude not to 😉 I like the freehand on the Tau and the white color scheme plays up the Asian vibe to me which I also really like. I hope the festive period goes well for you and I’m with everyone else. Wifebeaters (as we call them in the US) and Christmas should not go together but in Oz, I guess they can! 😀

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  5. Dammit man, you’re making me want to paint Tau! It’s unnatural I tell ye!! Seriously these are great and the speed at which you’re powering through them, combined with the quality of the results, is very inspiring. 🙂

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      1. I’ve been tempted by the stealth suits a number of times over the years, those always look cool to me. You going to be including any? Weirdly though seeing you painting Tau is actually making me want to do more with my Imperial Guard. My temptation is always to paint bad guys and barbarians but every time I look at your Tau I start thinking about painting some ordinary guys who’re doing their best against the odds. Dunno, I’ll probably get distracted by something else but I keep looking through pictures of the Imperial Guard range so it might happen yet. 

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      2. I could see you doing some steel legion mate. Actually when I think about it I can’t remember seeing any of your imperial guard? I remember your traitor guard. I have a small (2nd) Tau army that a mate of mine gave me a few years back and there’s a couple of stealth suits in there. I’m not sure if I’ll repaint his stuff or keep it as is.

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      3. I really like Steel Legion, definitely something I could see myself painting – especially if they do a new kit for them. Death Korps are amazing too, I’m going to grab another set of them when they’re released separately. Here’s all the Guard models I’ve painted so far, there’s not lots and it’s been a while since I added much to them. 


        I’ve got a bunch of them that I never got around to painting (same with the traitor guard) so I’ll dig them out and take a look at them. 

        Even if you decide not to repaint your mate’s old army you’ll need to put everything out for a big group shot, and a massive battle against the orks of course! 

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      4. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do when you get around to them. The resin models were always just a bit too pricy for me to commit to but damn they’re so cool! 😎 I really hope they do more with them in plastic, a death riders kit would make me a very happy boy indeed. 

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  6. Goodness me that is some nice work. I am especially impressed by how quickly you’ve ploughed through this project. My favourite is probably the first team with the white hats, though the veterans are a close second.

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      1. That my friend would break any little lads heart 😟, Hope you and the family have a great Xmas and I’m sure you will squeeze in a few quite ones with the Lads 🍺.

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