Turnip 28 and The Kings own 23rd Boggy Marsh Rutabagas – Part 2 

Anna at Gardens of Hecate put together a great post and some amazing miniatures to do with Turnip28 as seen here – https://gardensofhecate.com/projects-gallery/miniature/turnip-28

I contacted her to ask where I start with this project and she very kindly responded with what kits I should seek out and experiment with. 

For my part I just wanted to give something a go so I bought some Napoleonic minis which were British Peninsular Flank Company troops on eBay, acquired some 3D printed torsos from Etsy and rummaged through my medieval tub for some bits and bobs too. 

Key elements for building Turnip28 minis is to make them muddy with lots of roots and  vegetation added too. I’ll eventually be doing muddy/snowy bases. The only snow base I’ve ever done was when I done this vignette for my mate Keith as seen here – https://imperialrebelork.wordpress.com/2020/09/15/htiek-a-barbarian-a-warrior-a-story-a-present-and-a-mate/

Toffs (leaders) 

Admiral Legume: 

According to the Admiral he comes from a long line of naval officers, back when there was an ocean. He become a priest for a time and preached the way of the root but alas his few followers left to fight in a long forgotten war and didn’t return. Having nothing else to do he conscripted men from his home village and trained them and became their leader. Now he is hellbent on finding someone, anyone to fight. As he is off the belief he has sea salt coursing through his veins he rides into battle in a rowboat carried by poorly paid soldier-peasants. 

Colonel Nodule:

As a boy he dreamed of cultivating his own unique root crop but famine, war and Admiral Legume had other plans for him. He proved himself as a stoic soldier pretty quickly and became Legumes right hand man. 

The fodder: (infantry) I’ll be adding more. 

As you can tell my imagination is running wild with this one hehe. 


23 thoughts on “Turnip 28 and The Kings own 23rd Boggy Marsh Rutabagas – Part 2 ”

  1. Brilliant! Just the name Admiral Legume made me laugh out loud. Now the people who were walking past my truck probably think I’m mental which should put them off from trying to speak to me whilst I’m eating my sandwich so thanks, you did me a favour there. 🙂

    The rowing boat is absolutely amazing, one of your best creations yet! 

    Continuing to scroll down I discover Colonel Nodule whose name is if anything even better than Admiral Legume! The fodder are also amazing, where are you getting their heads from? 

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    1. Hehe glad I could help but please tell me you had beetroot or something in the sandwich haha. The heads and torsos of the fodder came from Etsy. Just type in Turnip28 mate and you’ll find them. They’re 3D prints and good ones at that.

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      1. Beetroot? Boak! Generally speaking you can’t go wrong with a root vegetable, parsnips being a particular favourite, and horseradish would have worked nicely as it was a beef sandwich. Beetroot though? Is there a plant more foul and disgusting? I think not! 

        Cheers for the tip, I’ll take a gander on etsy later. 👍🏻

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Ana’s work is amazing and really inspiring so you reached out to a good source I’d say. These latest conversions look fantastic and you’ve convinced me that Turnip28 is a great setting for you to play around in. It fits your aesthetic very well indeed, mate! Looking forward to seeing more!

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