Turnip28 and The Kings own 23rd Boggy Marsh Rutabagas – Part 4 

One of my all time favourite paintings is The Lady Of Shalott (make note of the spelling) by John William Waterhouse. I’ve loved it ever since I befriended a random girl on MySpace many moons (2006) ago who called herself Lady Of Shalott on there. She was a bit of sad girl who never gave too much away but we kinda clicked with our dark sense of humour. I never met her and don’t even know which country she was in and when MySpace sort of faded out we lost contact. Anyway, her profile pic was of the painting and it has captivated me ever since. 

The lady of shalott is also a great poem. 

So my little addition tonight for the Turnip28 is in honour of that painting. I call him…

The Ogre of Shallot (note the spelling) 

And the children whisper…

No sleep for me 

I hear the ogre 

No dreams for me 

I hear the ogre 

One step, two step

I hear the ogre 

and he’s hungry for me 

One signature thing of Turnip28 minis seems to be the beaked helmet so I converted this one from an Ogre head and some sort of bony hook spine thing I found in the bits box. It’s a little overboard in a way but hey it’s turnips innit. 

There are real roots attached to his back which I baked so that they won’t rot. The thing hanging off the base is also from the same root. 

I have some more conversions coming soon but I’m getting itchy to paint those zombies plus I need to get back to the Tau army haha. 



39 thoughts on “Turnip28 and The Kings own 23rd Boggy Marsh Rutabagas – Part 4 ”

  1. Oh I do like that ogre, he is very cool! My only criticism would be the long nose, it just doesn’t quite work for me (whereas the rest of the model is top notch). I know long noses are very Turnip28 but rules are made to be broken! Otherwise he’s perfect though. 🙂

    Speaking of long noses have you looked at the goblins riding squigs (the Boingrot Bouncers) from AoS? Lots of long nosed helms there. 

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  2. Myspace and early Facebook definitely led to some interesting online friendships. I somehow ended up in a group of people who all had the same last name as me but I’d never met any of them before (and still haven’t!). Regardless of that, the ogre looks really imposing and impressive. Can’t wait to see you paint him up when you get around to it!

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      1. It was a strange time. I kind of wonder what kind of tunes you were blasting on your profile now that I’m thinking about it! 😀 That was my favorite part of the site back in the day haha

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  3. Nice conversion, though I’m exactly sure what this “Turnip 28” thing is, it does seem to be very “you”, so good to see your having fun in your own inimitable way 😉

    Oh and that girl was probably really a twenty stone male bricklayer from Pontypool wearing french knickers, but then in reality most of us are…..😁

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Haha well just like most social media you never really know who the other person is. For example, until we spoke on the phone, I always thought you were a decent, fun, loving human being 😉 haha. Thanks Roger it is very me indeed and I’m loving it.

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      1. Likewise I hoped you were a twenty year old female Swedish underwear model, just pretending to be a Australian gardener/wargames figure converter to look cool! 😉 Then you said you liked “Fury Road” and I was glad you weren’t as I could never love anyone with such poor taste in film anyway 🙄.

        Guess we have all been disappointed 😢

        Cheers Roger.

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