Turnip28 and The Kings own 23rd Boggy Marsh Rutabagas – Part 5 

Any self respecting root vegetable based, post apocalyptic, napoleonic army needs a little artillery so here’s one I prepared earlier. 

Not too much to say about it really. They’re metal minis but I snipped off the heads ok to replace with 3D printed turnip heads. Added a little vegetation and I was done really. I might get another canon and have it manned by zombies too. 

I also built the Duke of Rotberry. 

Then I decided to build another terrain piece that I call “The Ol Stack”

As far as building goes I’m all done with Turnip28 for now. I’m waiting on some bits and bobs and also want to get some polymer clay to try a little basic sculpting.

I have this large lead statuette I picked up from a castle I visited in England in 2008. I’d like to do something with it but not sure what yet? Possibly build a beak for his helm and give him a rotten old plinth to stand or something? 

I do have another statuette coming soon that I have a cool little idea for too. 



22 thoughts on “Turnip28 and The Kings own 23rd Boggy Marsh Rutabagas – Part 5 ”

  1. Great work on all Luke, can see you’re totally enjoying this project, where converting is the main part of this project. Great looking building too, and look forward to seeing what you do with the statue, as I recall there was a beaked helm, now I may be thinking of the film Excalibur which had some strange helms in it, or an actual Medieval helm.
    Hope you have a great Christmas

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  2. The black and white pictures really suit the mood of this game. These latest conversions are very inspired, like everything you’ve done for Turnip thus far. I’m hoping that we’ll get to see some painted up soon!

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  3. It is bonkers but I love it and get your enthusiasm. The Nappy era of course is right up my street but to see it mashed up in this wild way is terrific. And your photography is so impressive as always.

    By the way, does not that beak on the helm idea cry out for a carrot, parsnip or other root vegetable?

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