2022 outlook – Dreams and broken promises  

I’ve come to accept that it’s my way, or my pattern/habit, to get very excited about new projects, throw myself into it and then get distracted by other projects. To be honest this used to really bother me. 

Why couldn’t I stuck to one thing to completion? 

It’s interesting to me that with some things I do stick to it. Eg. Building the cabin, the Fembruary challenge, Orktober challenge and personal things like my work as a gardener or projects around the house. 

I think I work well with smaller projects and if there’s a time frame. When it came to the cabin build it had to be done and couldn’t be left as a half finished cabin. 1. It would’ve made the house/garden look unkempt. 2. The wife would’ve been frustrated with me haha. As it was a case of having to get it done I got it done and I very much enjoyed it. 

So it’s clear to me that I’m better with smaller projects but I still very much enjoy the big projects. 

So the conclusion that I’ve come to is that I’m a dreamer of big things, and that’s fine, I’m a finisher of smaller things, and that’s fine too.

So 2022 will be full of bigger dreams and projects and some completed smaller things too. 

With all that in mind here’s my project outlook for 2022

Current Projects: 

  1. Finish the Turnip28 army. (It’s a relatively small one)
  2. Finish the Napoleonic Zombie army. (Also a small one) 
  3. Finish the Tau army. (With a light at the end of the tunnel with this one I feel like a concerted effort in the new year should see this one done and dusted)
  4. Chip away on CoffinWood. (This is a large project. Think along the line of Mark Morins Aztec project. Terrain and a shit load of minis)
  5. Chip away on HellGate. (I really love this project and haven’t been back to it for some time so I feel excited to do something with it soon-ish). 
  6. Chip away on Bolt Action ‘48. (This is an epic sized project which is a little daunting but I love learning about WW2 and watching movie on it too so always feel inspired to paint some minis) 
  7. Chip away on the medieval project. (Another very grand scale project and one I haven’t been back to in far too long but, like the others, I’d like to do a little something at least)
  8. The Rorke’s Drift (Zulu) project. (Yet another massive project but I’m thinking 2022 could see me build the buildings from the set I got from Warlord Games) 
  9. There will be more Bossons chalkware head plaques to come in 2022. I really enjoy painting these and find them to be a good palette cleanser. 
  10. I’ll be chipping away on my Ork armies as per usual and I’m very much looking forward to Orktober 2022. 
  11. Chip away at my Praetorian Guard army. I have a whole bunch of original metal minis for this army that I’m keen to paint. 

New projects: 

  1. I built a small Tallarn force a couple of years ago so I’d really like to start getting some paint on them in 2022. 
  2. Foreign Legion project. Not sure if I’ve mentioned this one but I have a small army of French minis and a fort to paint up. Plus some Bedouin type minis too. Should be fun. 
  3. Possibly a small army of Space Marines (Imperial Fists) if I can master painting yellow. 
  4. I’m also toiling with the idea of RE-painting my Cadian Imperial Guard Army the Might 77th. I painted the many years ago now and I think I could do a better job of it now. It’d be a big job though plus 

Now let’s be clear and real for a second, you and know and I only that I’ll be lucky to even do half of all I’ve mentioned but a bloke can dream can’t he? 

I’m not going to promise anything, I’m not going to overthink or feel silly for not getting projects finished I’m just gonna keep on keeping on. 

Thinking about all these projects, my ideas and the possibilities brings me a lot of joy. Sure it’s all toy soldiers at the end of the day but the imagination and creativity that coincides with it gets me super excited. 

I think having the little cabin as my creative space really helps me too. I can’t tell you enough just how cool it is in there. Away from the world. I just need to plumb on a toilet haha. 

All the best to you and your lovely projects for 2022 guys and Happy New Year! 



32 thoughts on “2022 outlook – Dreams and broken promises  ”

  1. That is a very impressive list Luke, I don’t think it matters how much you get done, as long as you enjoy doing it. Big projects can always seem daunting, but every piece completed, is a step closer to the end goal.
    Hope you have a very happy new year mate

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  2. Great plan. I like having them as well. Never quite get there but it is fun trying. I failed with my December quest but those I missed out on will be finished in January so not to bad. I will do a December review when New Year is over.

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  3. That’s a whole load of very cool sounding projects mate. Looking forward to seeing all of them or, and we both know this is more likely, whatever really cool things you end up doing instead. 😉 I’m much the same as you really, I set myself a list of about 15 planned projects for 2021 and I managed just 2 of them. On the other hand I painted a lot of stuff (I’d need to check my numbers later but somewhere around 200 miniatures I think). In the end I’m happy with what I did, even if it isn’t what I set out to do. 

    As for repainting the Cadians I hear you, I have the exact same quandary over my Chaos Marines (and some of my older orks). I’d be nice to have them spruced up but it’d be a lot of work. Your painting has really improved a lot since you started the blog though so I reckon you could do a fantastic job with them now. Maybe grab a few favourites, paint them up and see how it goes. 

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    1. Yeah good idea. I started wondering though, if my painting has improved over the last few years and I’m considering redoing the Cadians, does that mean I might repaint them again in another few years? Haha. Will it ever end? Do you think skills can plateau?

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      1. That’s actually something I’ve been giving a lot of thought to lately too. When I first started my blog one of the things I was doing was repainting a lot of my old orks which I’d painted 5 or 6 years earlier. By then my painting skills had come on a lot, even though I’d been painting miniatures for years before I painted the orks the first time. Now I look at those orks and I know I could do better with them if I painted them now so I’m tempted to go back to some of them for a second time. I do think my skills have plateaued to a degree though, I’ve got to the point where I’m happy with what I’m doing and even though I could keep pushing myself to improve I don’t see such radical improvements in my skills as I used to. Or to put it differently I look at a model from a couple of years ago and I’m happy with it, whereas when I was working on it if I’d looked at a model from a couple of years before that I would have been dissatisfied. (I think this is true of the models GW makes as well, miniatures from 5 years ago look a lot better to me now than models from 10 years ago did to me 5 years ago).

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  4. I like the ambition and the honesty when it comes to your plans. I agree that it would be a ton to accomplish in a single year but its important to have variety and these projects certainly give you plenty of that. Go with wherever your creativity takes you and we’ll all be here rooting for you along the way 🙂

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  5. Happy New Year IRO!

    I’ve found that my hobby has taught me reserves of perseverance that I never new I had but, at the end of the day, you’ve got to go with what motivates you – it’s a hobby not a chore.

    Whatever you get up to in 2022, it will undoubtedly be great!

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  6. I’m an ideas man, and will happily come up with dozens of them, start them, and then get distracted. It’s just in some people’s nature. Like you I’ve been focusing on finishing some of the shorter projects, and splitting up the big ones into smaller chunks. That’s how you eat a metaphorical elephant.

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  7. That’s a nice set of stretch goals – and you are doing more focused stuff too – I think that blend will be the recipe for success for you. That way you’ll get the satisfaction of seeing a completed project while getting to dabble and free form too. Thanks for the kind mention and my Aztec project continues – though when it’s done I’ll be happy to move on!

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  8. Bugger me mate arnt’t we both effected by the same blight!! hopefully I will stick to my promise to myself !!! finish one bloody thing at a time for 2022! Oh shit hang on I have just spotted all those models I have just bought !!!Um might start some of those tonight!

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