Napoleonic-Zombies – part 1 

Here I was thinking there’d be no more posts for 2021.

Ye Gods am I a glutton for punishment or do I just get overly excited about new projects?! After building and painting the Napoleonic Zombies for my Turnip28 project (Pictured below) I’ve decided to do a spin-off project with them instead haha. 

I’ll be building and painting a small Napoleonic-Zombie army which’ll consist of an HQ, infantry, cavalry and artillery. 

It’ll be of a similar size to the Turnip28 project so that the two opposing sides can battle one another. 

Crazy? Yes!

Fun! Hell Yes!!

I had an absolute ball building these and, likewise, I’ve had fun over the last few days painting them too. 

Let’s start with that long haired, scythe wielding, maniac and one of my favourites SLASH. 

Another favourite of mine is ABE. Once a feared and revered sharpshooter now he’s lucky to hit a barn wall from two yards away. I loooove how he’s using his bad-zombie arm to stabilise his rifle while he aims. It tickles me hehe. 

Next we have “need-to-go Ned”. Always busting for a pee even though his bits rotted away over a century ago. 

Ol’ McDeadHead had a pitchfork E-I-E-I-O with stab, stab here and a stab, stab there. He’s another favourite I’d say. 

Haha ok I’ll stop with the introductions now. Here the rest of the undead rabble.

I was going to go with green or blue for the uniforms as I’ve done red for my Praetorian Guard and will be doing a shit load more when I eventually get back to my Rorke’s Drift project. However after doing a few tests I couldn’t help but lean back towards red again. I love red! I went with muted and dirty red for the tunics and dirty, faded, blue for the pants. 

For the bases I went with lots of tufts. 

It’s been a while since I’ve painted any zombies so it was lots and lots of fun. 

Out of interest I timed myself when I pointed these minis. A total of 2 hours and 45 minutes over a two day period. 



16 thoughts on “Napoleonic-Zombies – part 1 ”

  1. Great conversions Luke, and the colour scheme suits them perfectly, and very impressive it only took a couple of hours to paint.
    One of your troopers reminds me of the old Iron Maiden album cover

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  2. Its great to see them painted, mate! Its easy to see how inspired you are with this project and it comes through on the paint job. I can’t believe you got them done that quickly though. That is lightning fast!

    Liked by 5 people

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