Da 101st Screemin Greenskins – part 3 

I just received some new recruits for my 101st Screemin Greenskins and wanted to show you guys. They’re not painted yet but I am seriously considering doing a “gulf war – desert camo” scheme for these Orks. Let me know what you think? 

I acquired these awesome models from – https://3dprintalchemy.com/product-category/papsikels/ugoks/ 

They are 3D printed models and they are big and chunky at 54mm in height (without the base). 

Being 3d printed the details aren’t as crisp as what you come to expect from GW BUT they’re pretty bloody good. 

One thing I noticed after opening the bag and inspecting them more closely was that some of them are carrying M41A Pulse rifles as seen held by the marines on Aliens. 

Aaaaaaaand one of the green brutes is even holding an M56 smart gun as seen be wielded by Drake in Aliens. 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another Ork is clearly inspired by Blain from Predator and even has that awesome mini gun.

Haha awesome huh? 

Here are the other chaps to complete a 9 Ork squad including their leader (pictured last) I bloody love the Tommy Gun strapped to his back. 

Can’t wait to paint these bad boys. 


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