Napoleonic-Zombie Project – part 2  

Had a little spare time before I record episode 143 of Fly On The Wall Podcast so thought I’d give something a go. 

A little while ago I showed you some napoleonic zombies and the lovely Dave Stone from said they reminded him of Ironmaidens “The Trooper”.

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of that so I was inspired to give something a red hot go. 

Here’s what I’ve done. The right (sword) arm was particularly tricky to get right and is actually three different arm bits spliced together. I decided to not bother with a flag in his other hand and just but the quill of a dart behind him for the photo haha. 

He should look pretty cool once painted I reckon. 

Thanks for the inspiration Mr Stone 



39 thoughts on “Napoleonic-Zombie Project – part 2  ”

      1. There is indeed mate! It’s pretty decent as well, you can get it in the supermarket here but I don’t know if they’ve conquered the global market yet. First time I saw it I bought a couple of bottles based solely on the basis that it’s called The Trooper and it’s got the album art on the label. Hmmm… I just realised that if I saw you standing next to a young lady that would be IRO ‘n Maiden. 

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  1. Very nice, we went to see “Maiden” a few years back now and there was a block down in the Mosher pit dressed as Eddie in that costume (down to the flag/ sword (fake I assume or he wouldn’t have got in) and mask), looked really effective, and people left him alone and didn’t jostle him as I guess they could see the effort he’d made.

    “Fear of the Dark” is my fave,

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. This is a very metal post, mate. Too metal for me as I favor punk music 😉 In all seriousness, the conversion looks awesome and dead-on like the Iron Maiden character! Very impressive work.

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      1. I’m a product of my times and so I like a lot of skate punk that came out in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. I like many of the Epitaph Records bands like Pennywise, Bad Religion, Millencolin, Anti-Flag, The Suicide Machines, etc. Nothing wrong with older punk like The Ramones, Minor Threat, The Clash either! I don’t follow punk as closely as I used to but it seems like there aren’t as many great bands as there used to be sadly. Either that or maybe I just got old and don’t know where the good music is anymore…

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      2. Aww man great stuff. Love me some pennywise and was only listening to “Fuck authority” this morning. I also like millencolin too. They weren’t popular here in Australia, I’m not sure why? In the early 2000’s I used to do a show on community radio. I did the 10pm – 1am slot on a Saturday night. Every time without fail a dude would call me up and request Millencolins “The Ballad”. He worked at a bakery and started at 12:30am in the morning. Weeks went by and I never really paid attention to the lyrics of that song. Then one night I read through the lyrics from the cd and it struck me that this dude was going through some shit. I decided that next time he called I’d see if he was ok? Sadly, he never happened to call again and I never got to ask if he was alright. I often think of that dude and hope that he was alright. Maybe he just really loved the song.

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      3. That album was pretty much peak Pennywise for me. I went to San Diego and bought that cd at a Hot Topic and I thought life couldn’t get any better! I was in high school to be fair!

        Millencolin is underrated, even by myself.
        I’ll start listening to them and I always think, they’re so good. Why don’t I listen to them more? The Ballad is a really sad song. I like their upbeat songs a bit better though that one hits hard emotionally. I hope that guy made it out okay. I used to listen to songs like that when I was feeling down and it would help me get through it so hopefully you did the same for him. I’m going to go play No Cigar now in his honor!

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