Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 4 

I haven’t touched this project since February 2020 but, after picking up some ships recently, I felt inspired to do something. 

As a quick refresher, Saint Kristos will be my maximum opus! 

Basically a huge pirate island with a town, port, plantations and, of course, ships. 

The idea is to have it set up, permanently, on a 12ft by 8ft table. I’m gonna need a bigger cabin right. 

Anyway, as a sort of test/draft whatever, I thought I’d pick up some insulation foam and have a go at making some smaller islands. 

It was such a nice day I decided to use the tailgate on my truck as a hobby desk. I started by roughly drawing out the island shapes then got cutting. 

I got six in total with plenty of little off cuts for rocks etc. On one of the islands I added a narrow little dock. 

I also had a couple of little boo-boo’s with the knives. After retrieving my thumbs and sewing them back on I started shaping the islands. Making the sides look rocky was fun and I also used my fingers to pull away bits as well. A hot wire cutter would have been handy to cut the low areas away (eg the sandy beach sections) but I managed. 

Next I glued (liquid nails) down raised areas and rocks etc. I wish I’d done more and gone a little higher but, as mentioned, these are sort of a test run. 

Next it was base coating with black acrylic paint. I learnt my lesson years ago that you can’t spray paint foam. This was a little time consuming but I didn’t mind.

Then I dry brushed all the rocky areas with a concrete grey acrylic. In retrospect I should have raised the rock edges around each island as it would’ve looked a little more realistic. 

Then I used matt white acrylic and dry brushed again. I also used the white as a base coat for the areas that will be sandy. 

Next I added flock and sand. The sand I used was off white grout as I wanted the beaches to have that almost stark white look like the more tropical islands have. 

Here’s the basic end result although I do plan on adding shrubs, small rocks, logs and trees. Oh and detail the little dock too.

Not bad for a few hours work I reckon and I definitely learnt some things. For instance, when stacking up pieces of foam I need to blend and hide the joins more. 



41 thoughts on “Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 4 ”

  1. Great work Luke, they all look very effective. Don’t forget you can use sandpaper when shaping foam, and sticking two pieces together then adding the detail carving picking will help blend out the seams. By the way it’s not a proper hobby project unless you’ve bleed on it ! LOL

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  2. Very cool mock-up. Certainly more than just a sketch. It is also an option to use filler mixed with PVA to spackle the rock faces adn then shape the filler with a palette knife. You get very realistic facets like that, but it obviously takes more time.

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  3. The terrain looks great and the overall project sounds very ambitious and cool. I’m excited to see more of it. I think there should be some Ork pirates manning this cool terrain before its all said and done 😉

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  4. Looks great, mate. Luke’s APS (or whatever his new name is) has a lot of good tips on cliff edges and embedding plaster rocks ets. It might also be worthwhile getting a cheap hot wire cutter for the final version since it’s going to be a large, permanent structure/your magnum opus just so you don’t have the niggling annoyance of things not being as you pictured/wanted them.

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      1. I finally found cork bark from Australia on ebay a few months ago. There are a lot of Chinese and overseas sellers, but with customs and biohazard risks for the local environment I didn’t get any till I found the local seller. Woodland scenics make the rock moulds Luke recommended, still haven’t gotten around to those myself, though…

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