Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 7  

I tackled the palm trees for the island today. I thought it was going to be a boring and tedious job but I actually had lots of fun doing them. 

I started by giving the trunks and fronds a little dry brush but didn’t over do it. 

Then I made random shaped little bases from cork tiles. Glued on the trees, flocked and detailed. 

All pretty straightforward stuff really and really quite a relaxing little job. 

I’m happy with how they have turned out. 

I think I’ll need scatter terrain like crates, barrels and hmmm…? What else is Piratey? 

Next though I think I’ll try my hand at painting one of the ships I have. 



41 thoughts on “Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 7  ”

  1. The trunks look much more realistic now Luke, have you tried putting a green glaze over the leaves, it will add subtle shading, but not overpower the leave like a wash would. As for other camp scenery, a camp fire, and some treasure boxes, even a beached landing boat.

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  2. Much improved – plastic palm trees have a real tendency to look – well – plastic but yours look a lot more convincing now. As for extra scatter terrain how about ship wrecks (with skeletons), a little hill with an X on it and some shark fins cutting through the waters of the bay.

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  3. Sorry mate, just come across this little project of your, been off the net for a few days, looking really nice what scale are you working in looks like 28, yes?

    Weirdly I got a pack of four “Shark fins” in my advent calendar, so Reaper do them if you need some.

    Cheers Roger.

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  4. The trees look great and my suggestion would be to get a gator or crocodile or two. Maybe it is because of Peter Pan but those just seem to go hand-in-hand with pirates. No pun intended!

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  5. Looking fantastic. I think these trees look just fine – and matte varnish does work well. Also you could consider adding pigments to the leaves and trunks, or even certain washes. Plus there’s always leaf and branch detritus on the ground to consider adding, or even driftwood. I volunteer to be on your beach as well especially as we’re getting 1-2 feet of snow this weekend! (I may not fit 😁)

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