Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 12 

I finally finished the Windmill that I started a while ago for the Turnip28 project. I figure this could be used for a few settings including this pirate one so that’s why it makes it into this post. 

I decided, because I was persuaded to by a lot of you, to add some sails to it but made sure they were just torn rags really. Looks pretty cool though. I simply used torn up bits of paper then lacquered them with watered down pva and then paint.

For the basing and moss on the structure I went with less bright (tropical) green and went with a duller green. 

It looks like a sad and isolated place which is exactly what I was going for. 

As much as I love 3D printed terrain or any ready made terrain really it’s a lot of fun building from scratch. I had a ball with this and spent zero dollars on it which is kinda cool. 

The only thing I don’t like is that I was aiming for a bit more contrast with the roof and bricks. 



36 thoughts on “Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 12 ”

  1. Excellent work Luke, it’s turned out great. Personally I think the contrast between the roof and bricks looks good, and the flock going over the two, gives it a sense, of nature taking it back.

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  2. This windmill really captures the mood you were going for and it came out great! If you do want to push the contrast, you can always drybrush it a bit more and see if that doesn’t make it more to your liking.

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