Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 13 

So the great pandemic of the last couple of years has finally reached my own personal shores with my eldest daughter testing positive on the weekend. As myself, and the rest of the family, are close contacts we are all required to isolate for the next seven days. We are all vaccinated and my daughter seems to have quite mild symptoms. The rest of us have tested negative. 

The bad news is, I can’t work. The good news is can’t work (I do love my job but seven days off is seven days off). The other good news is that I have more time for the beloved hobby. 

As a result I made this. 

I took my inspiration from He-Man’s castle grayskull. 

Here are a couple of WIP shots. 

I haven’t done much in the way of sculpting before so I just took my time and whittled away. 

I’ll be glueing the skull to a foam island and adding moss etc but I just wanted to show you guys what it looks like as is for now. 

I’ve also made a start on my Man o’ War ship I’m calling “The Iron Drake” which is a bit of a nod to a Space Marine Chapter and to Sir Francis Drake who really was a pirate in my opinion. 

This ship came from Ainsty Castings and no instructions were supplied. This usually isn’t a problem for me because I like to cut my own path but as this project has some semblance of historical accuracy to it I was a little frustrated when I opened this bag of metal bits (above).

After scratching my head, having a cup of tea, and watching some YouTube videos on Star Wars I came back to the pile of metal and searched google for reference images. Hallelujah I found some which gave me some indication on where the bits and bobs were meant to go. 


41 thoughts on “Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 13 ”

  1. Agreed – hope it goes well not only for your daughter but the whole family. We had a confirmed case in the area I work on Friday (that we only found out about – and indirectly at that – in the middle of the day) and someone else went home today sick with the appropriate symptoms so I guess I find out in the next couple of days about myself.
    The skull looks cool – I thought of both Greyskull and Luna Park when I was looking at the pics! 🙂

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  2. Hope your daughter has a very speedy recovery. I see your making the most of your bonus hobby time, and excellent work on the skull, and good that you found where all the bits fit on the ship.

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    1. Thanks man. The rest of the family tested negative again today. We will do another one Thursday so fingers crossed will be out of it soon. She’s not too bad which is good and I think she’s secretly enjoying all the attention hehe

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  3. 7 days is 7 days. I got 20 off last year for the same reason and I keep asking for another 20! Hope your daughter’s symptoms stay mild.

    The skull is cool. You have skills! And the ship looks suitable massive to deserve its name. I would have felt much the same when I opened the package. That was a LOT of bits!

    Nice projects!

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  4. Wishing well to your daughter, we’ve had people testing positive at work on and off for the last twelve months or so and touch wood, I’ve avoided it so far, so here’s hoping for ya!

    Nice work on the skull, people should take inspiration from He-man in all aspects of their lives in my opinion! I know I’m wearing my furry speedo’s as I write!😉

    I galleon to by the way, cheers Roger,

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    1. Thank you. I was thinking of you and your likings for He-Man while I carved it. Take up your concerns with Ainsty Castings mate I’m just going with what they called it haha. Probably needs a lot more guns to be a proper Man O’ War I guess.

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  5. I hope your daughter feels better soon and that the rest of your family stays safe, mate! That skull is a really cool idea. I can’t remember which theme park I went to now, but I want to say Disneyworld or maybe Disneyland Paris has a huge, rock skull like that for their Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Its pretty impressive and that indicates to me that you have a pretty cool idea here. The scale of this project is really amazing. I can’t wait to see some more as it seems like every time you post, you’ve got something pretty cool to show off!

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  6. Hope you’re all recovered ok.

    Takes more than a little pandemic to stop you carving skulls and building ships! When it came to He-Man for some reason I felt I was always firmly Team Skeletor!

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  7. I had to laugh when I saw that pile of metal mate!! I have just been having a winge about model instructions were on some tiny vehicles i’m making up for the WWI dio and thought of you!! F… just do it !! IRO wouldn’t be to flummoxed, get on with it!! Great to see that Flummoxing the IRO is possible, ship looks grand mate, well done.

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