Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 15 

Yesterday I showed you the fleet as it stands. Today I’d like to show you some progress I made on converting The Empress (Mega Bloks Ship from the Pirates of Caribbean range).

I started by painstakingly snipping off 80% of the little knobs, nodules whatever they’re called. This was an annoying task but I put on my “cabin” playlist and whittled away. 

Then I sanded down the holes. Next, using two sizes of icicle sticks, I got to work laying planks. Maybe I should’ve had them all running one way but in retrospect I kind of like the variation. 

It was fiddly but I had lots of fun doing it.

I kept the trapdoor to the lower deck. 

For the Bow I have an idea on what to add as a figurehead but more on that in a different post. 

The open doors will remain as they are and yeah they’re a bit small but passable. I might even hang some cloth over them to act as screens/doors. 

I’m quite pleased with what I achieved in a couple of hours this evening. Its not perfect but its looking less like a toy. Now I’m off to go and watch Jason and the Argonauts.



34 thoughts on “Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 15 ”

  1. Great work Luke, a vast improvement on all the lumps, If you want to make the planks smaller, use the pencil trick, and you can then make them the size you want, looking forward to seeing what figure head you add.

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  2. I wonder if you could have saved yourself so effort by adding a bit of balsa wood to the front of the deck section and laying the planking directly on the “nubs”, using the front lip of wood to hide the planks sitting on top and not flush.
    Put like others have said, I was curious if this was going somewhere other than, “hey look I build some lego-like ships!”

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