Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 16 

The first ship of the fleet and the first Mega Bloks ship to be completed, or just about, is what I’m calling…

The Asmodeus (King of Demons) 

I added and built up some of the railings with matchsticks.

The figure head was possibly a little ambitious but it was the best choice out of all the bits I had as potentials so I’m pretty happy with it. 

I still want to add some details like steps to each level/deck, maybe curtains over the doorways and an anchor too but other than I’m calling it done. 

While I have your attention I’d like to recommend a great hobbyist I follow on WP and on Instagram. He’s a really nice bloke who is also an avid listener of our Fly On The Wall Podcast. 

His recent work with Fallout is very immersive and super impressive. I’d strongly urge you to have a look at both his bling and the Instagram. I’ve also got him quite keen on Turnip28 which he’s already made a really great start on. Here are his links. Enjoy.



36 thoughts on “Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 16 ”

  1. Awesome work! It would fit just right in a Warhammer navy battle senario like the Generals Compendium. That had an entire section on building and playing navy battles, made by GW no less! 🙂

    Mega Bloks did some cool dragon toys about a decade or two ago, I remember this big boxset that had this awesome detailed sculpt of an ochre dragon. 🙂

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  2. This is a really awesome looking ship. I love the Warhammer piece you added to the front. It really makes this ship look imposing. I already follow 34thtribeofthevault and can vouch for what you’re saying. His latest work has been really ambitious and impressive!

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      1. It is a bit big I’ll agree but it makes me think of a huge ancient statue that was sitting on some island somewhere, a statue of a sea god outside a temple maybe. Then the pirates came along and said “we’re having that” and being the awesome rock and roll guys that they are they had the whole thing torn up and stuck on the front of their ship. At first the galley slaves were fearful that mounting such an enormous weight at the front of the ship would send them to the depths in the first storm they encountered, but mysteriously since the ancient sea god has been aboard they have ridden out even the most terrible of typhoons…

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