Bossons Head “Paddy” (2nd edition)  

Hello all. It’s been a while eh? 

March has been crazy busy for me which included a road trip to Queensland (just under 4000km round trip) with my three daughters. A weekend away with the lovely lady wife and our friends and a ton of work to catch up on. 

It was a good month but it left zero time for the hobby I’m afraid. 

I’m currently doing a seven day cabin challenge where I stay in the little cabin I built myself last year. I still have access to the bathroom and kitchen so it’s cheating a little bit still. This evening I finally managed to sit down and do some hobby. Now I did make a start on some canons for one of the pirate ships for my giant pirate (Saint Kristos) project but my heart wasn’t in it for some reason. However I still wanted to paint so I turned my attention to one of the Bossons (chalkware) heads I have. You may recall that I’ve painted a couple of these before. If you don’t remember them that’s ok and I’ve included them in a group photo at the bottom of this post. 

Tonight I took on “Paddy” which, according to the Bossons Heads Data base website it’s a second edition and was produced from 1969 – 1997. This one isn’t too rare and is priced at between $35 and $55. Hmmm I wonder if it’s worth more or less now I’ve painted it haha. 

Anyway, here ‘tis…

Original paint job. 

My paint job.

I went for an old tired, sad and maybe a little dark clown look for him. Maybe he’s sick of clowning around and has turned to making people disappear for a bag of silver coins. 

Hope you like him guys. 

It’s good to be back. 

Here’s the group shot of the three Bossons heads I’ve painted so far. They will all hang in my cabin. 



24 thoughts on “Bossons Head “Paddy” (2nd edition)  ”

  1. Brilliant – just what this sculpture was crying out for! 🙂 He wasn’t a happy Irish fella, I can see now that at heart he was clearly a broken, cynical old clown gone bad.

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  2. Its good to hear you got some time away as we all need that from time to time. This latest bust repaint came out really nicely. He is a creepy bugger and really channels Heath Ledger’s Joker in the best way possible!

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