Ork Invasion part 25 

Shit is getting crazy in the old Imperial Rebel Ork Cabin/laboratory I tell ya. 

I’m not sure if it’s the “Gentleman’s Collection Tawny Port” I’ve drank or my own insanity consuming me but my little Ork creations seem to be getting nuttier. Or maybe they’re just getting Orkier haha. 

I made this Ork-Bot-Thing a few months back but made a few adjustments this evening. He’s very top heavy but most Orks are I’d say looking at all the artwork over the years. 

The little Grot on top acts as driver and food for the Ork-Bot if hungry enough. 

This next brute I built from scratch and he’s also very top heavy. He’s even running and is currently only on one foot. How this big boy manages to run I’ll never know. 

The other mystery is how he loads his missile launcher having two long nasty looking blades instead of hands. Hmmm?

It was a nice cathartic session tonight hacking away limbs haha. I should’ve been a Doctor or a scientist… a Mad one of course. 



27 thoughts on “Ork Invasion part 25 ”

  1. Good stuff mate, the grot on the first one made me think of R2D2 in Lukes X wing for some reason (maybe he’s there to do running repairs? and the second one never mind his rocket launcher, how does he go to the loo!! (I wonder if his nickname is “stumpy” 😁).

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. The Ork spores must have made their way into your head 😉 I think GW used to say that Orks came from spores anyway. Its been awhile since I’ve read any 40k lore. I love your latest creations! They’re perfectly Orky and the kind of minis I wish GW made more of.

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