Seven years of blogging

I suspect I say this on every blog birthday but I’ll say it again just in case… I never thought I’d still be at it and certainly never thought I’d make the connections with other hobbyists and/or like-minded people. 

It’s really the last point that keeps me coming back. I’d be doing my hobby without the blog but interacting with other hobbyists on here is very enjoyable to me. It’s like being part of a club without having to leave the comfort of my hobby cabin hehe. 

On a personal note the blog also helps with motivation and, if I’m being completely honest, with my mental health too. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have stopped by for a look, a comment and also to those of you who offer advice. It’s all greatly appreciated. 

Here’s to, hopefully, many more years of hobby, blogging and interactions with fellow hobbyists. Hoorah! 



41 thoughts on “Seven years of blogging”

  1. Great stuff mate, and good to have you with us! It has been great watching your hobby develop over the years, sharing in your stories & generally enjoying your in vision. Here’s to seven more 😊👍

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  2. Are you doing another one of these posts! it seem like only twelve months since the last one, carry on like this and they’ll end up being annual!

    Seriously good on you mate, another year over, and a new one just begun, so this is christm… sorry that’s enough of that!

    Cheers Roger.

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  3. Congrats, mate! Seven years is nothing to sneeze at 🙂 It is a pleasure seeing what kind of crazy projects you get up to and quite frankly, if the blog is good for you and your mental health then that is reason enough to keep at it!

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  4. Well a (belated) happy blog-day to you sir! I’m sure I say this every year but it’s been a real pleasure seeing your skills growing, sharing your enthusiasm and getting to know you – we may never have met in the ‘real world’ but I’ve come to think of you as a good mate. I’d certainly second your point about blogging, and our ‘club’ of like-minded souls doing wonders for my motivation and mental health. Keep up the good work mate!

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    1. As far as I’m concerned you can say it every year and hey maybe one day, when alzheimers sets in every comment will be like a fresh new one no matter how much they’re repeated haha. Thanks though buddy and ditto on the good mates 👍🏼

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