Ork Invasion Part 26 – Taking stock 

I’ll be honest with you, my interest in the Rorke’s Drift has waned a little. I’m saying that I’ve been at it for three solid months which is a bit of a record for me haha. I’m easily distracted in general so the fact that I’ve stuck to one project for that long is mildly impressive to me haha. 

In that three months I’ve painted all the terrain (the was a lot) two buildings, 100 Zulus and about a dozen defenders. Not bad, not bad at all. Also, as mentioned in other posts,  fellow blogger Colonel Mustard painted ten for me too (which I’ll do a post about soon). 

I fancied a break though and with Orktober 2022 fast approaching I thought it was time to start planning what I’d be doing for it. However before looking at what needs doing I wanted to take stock of what I’ve got and where I’m at. So, in a way, this post is more for me than you but you might enjoy it too. 

Here’s the list of what’s been built/painted/completed.


  1. Red Orktober 
  2. Red Baron (plane) 
  3. Grot Karr
  4. Ork Buggy 
  5. Ork Big Boss Karr
  6. Da Fury Tank 
  7. Da Armoured Karr 
  8. Trax Bike 
  9. Pillion Bike 
  10. Giant elephant 
  11. Da Morin Bot 


  1. 3 crew for Red Orktober 
  2. 1 pilot for Red Baron plane 
  3. 7 grot crew for Grot Karr
  4. 1 driver for Ork Buggy 
  5. 1 driver for Ork Big Boss Karr 
  6. 1 commander for Da Fury Tank 
  7. 1 commander for Da Armoured Karr
  8. I rider on Trax Bike 
  9. 2 for pillion bike 
  10. 18 101st troops 
  11. 29 Störenfried (inc Da Big Boss) 
  12. 14 Knobs
  13. 42 Ork Boyz
  14. Giant Ogre Ork 
  15. 1 mega Ork 
  16. BludKleevah
  17. BludBasha
  18. 3rd Warboss (can’t think of his name) 
  19. 1 Grot pilot for the elephant 

Here’s some photos of some of the above items. 

Here’s the group shot.

I was doing three separate armies. Da Blud Lettas (albino Orks), Der Störenfried (German Ork Army) and Da 101st Greenskinz (US themed army) BUT I’ve decided to make them all one big happy army under the name Da Blud Lettas. Otherwise I think I’d get too confused let alone confuse my good readers haha. 

I’m quite happy with what I have and I must say that I’m surprised as well as it’s quite the force there. 

One of the best things about Orks though is that you can never have enough. I haven’t dared look in the unpainted pile yet but I know there’s quite a few miniatures in there plus several more vehicles, many of which haven’t even been built, such as all the cool cars and motorcycles from the SpeedFreeks box. 

I also have a couple of planes to build and paint and I still have dreams of building a mega-shit-ton (an actual measurement in my world) of terrain. An Ork town actually, filled with lots of quirky things. 

Orktober is nearly here and I’m very much looking forward to battling the Great Wudugast again but we’d love it if more of you green skin loving hobbyists joined in too. 

So where to start? I think I’m hankering to build and convert sooooo I’m going to start with an Orky Monster truck. Then I think I’ll make a start on the Ork town. 

Anyone got any ideas for a cool/quirky Ork Town Name? 



29 thoughts on “Ork Invasion Part 26 – Taking stock 

  1. That’s an impressive looking force so far Luke, but as you say you can never have too many Orks in an army ! LOL Like the sounds of what you’ve got planned, and I’m sure it will be more impressive than GW’s Kill Zone scenery. Ideas for town name, Last Tooth Holdout, as being Orks, it wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, just every Tooth you have.

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  2. Three months on a single project is nothing to sneeze at! I’m looking forward to Orktober as it was a pretty epic and exciting showdown last year. Also, I can’t believe you take a Mumak/Oliphaunt from LOTR and put Orks on it. You might be a Greenskin yourself for coming up with that idea haha! 😀

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  3. I can see Ork’s Drift is finally taking hold, haha! Seriously, over 100 minis in 3 months, yea I’d be about brain fried. Take a break, do something you like, and come back to the Rorke’s project supa-charged!! 😀

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  4. One – Two – Free – Four – I declare an Ork war! In da green corner we have Da Blud Lettas, led by da mighty Imperial! Rebel! Oooooooorrrrrkkkkk!!!! And in da ova green corner we have Da Murda Boyz, ready to do some proppa murderin’! Let’s goooooooo!!!!!

    Yeah, as you can probably tell I’m very excited about Orktober already and I’m seriously hyped for our second round. That army group shot looks amazing by the way. I’m still trying to keep my focus on clearing the backlog – but as it happens I’ve got a hell of a lot of Orks in the backlog!

    Oh and well done for sticking with Rorke’s Drift as long as you did, that’s some serious commitment and lot of progress, you’re off to a flying start and when you come back to it next time you’ll be building on some very solid foundations.

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    1. Hehe. I might flick you an email in regards to our beloved Orks mate. Thanks Re Rorke’s Drift. I’m pleased with what I’ve achieved and, you’re right, when I get back to it I will feel I’m off to a flying start. Can’t wait to see what Green Menaces you bring into the Frey this year mate.


  5. Fantastic looking army of tuff boyz and gitz. Looking forward to new boyz and wheelz added in. Big ‘uns. Lil ‘uns. Trax. Wheelz. Planez. Deth in all its green(ish0 forms.
    Teef Town. “da Hood”. since you will have Da Boyz in da Hood.

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  6. Lord has it been three months, as you say the year if flashing by, you Ork’s are as awesome as ever, and “Red Ork’tober” is a work of genius! “Insane Genius, but still….).

    Best of luck to you and Wudagast with Ork’tober, I won’t be joining you as I’m already committed to Zom’tober (I have a smaller “mega-shit-ton” of those to get through myself).

    If you had a river through your city, it could be, “Batta’ on the Elven”. 😉

    Cheers Roger

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  7. Nice work accomplishing so much over the past 3 months AND sticking to one project for so long. I’ve always struggled with being a notorious project hopper so I tip my hat to you.
    It’s always a treat seeing your Orktober work so I can’t wait to see what you come up with this go around too. Also, I was going to playfully suggest New Y’Ork for the ork town but I see from the comments that someone beat me to it! 😛

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