Ork Invasion Part 28 – The building continues

Over the last couple of hobby sessions I’ve been building Ork terrain like a man possessed. Drinking every night isn’t good for anyone so the next best thing is Ork terrain building I say haha. 

I still have a fair bit to do on the fortress which will encompass the town (New OrkLeans) but in this post I wanted to show you a couple of the internal buildings. Namely the Butchers and the Mek-Shop (mechanics). 

Let’s have a butchers at the butchers aye? 

“Da Meat Hook” and its proprietor, HeadGain (see what I did there?) 

Human carcass hanging ready for carving

What self respecting Ork town wouldn’t have a Mek-Shop. Here’s mine and I call it “DA Mek shop” haha. 

Half a plane makes for a nice bit of shelter from the rain

That’s all, there isn’t anymore…

Well there is but nothing I want to show you just yet. Don’t want to bombard you with too much Orky goodness just in case you have a seizure. 



20 thoughts on “Ork Invasion Part 28 – The building continues

  1. Yep, you been going crazy! I like that workbench, is that 3dee printed? Actually, what I really like is that plane used as a roof. Because that’s just freakin nuts! The Orc Gods must seriously be smiling down on you for that invention! 😀

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  2. Orktober is looming and you’ve already gone full Greenskin, mate! This very inspired and awesome looking work. You and Wudu really are very skilled at all things Ork and I’m excited for the competition. It hasn’t even started and you’re already putting together some jaw-dropping buildings!

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