Ork Invasion Part 29 – The Slaughtered Squig

Who’s seen American Werewolf in London? I’m willing to wager most of you. Welllllll there’s a little tavern at the beginning of the classic werewolf horror movie called The Slaughtered Lamb. For my own Tavern/Pub/Bar, that’ll be apart of New OrkLeans, I’ve gone with The Slaughtered Squig.

Still need to add more details like tankards, stools etc but I’m happy with what I’ve done this evening. 

As I want it to be playabale I’ve made it in two sections that can be easily separated to allow access into the building with my big clumsy hands as so. 

In other news I painted the words for the sign.

It was a fun little build. 



29 thoughts on “Ork Invasion Part 29 – The Slaughtered Squig

  1. Fantastic work on the bar Luke, remember the slaughtered lamb well, you might need some rough looking Orks that don’t like strangers to populate the bar ! LOL
    Lettering looks great for your town sign, very Orky.

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  2. Some roasted Squig doesn’t sound so bad right now, mate 😉 Excellent job putting this together. It really does look like the type of place the ladz would get together for a little drinking and fighting!

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