Orktober 2022

Some of you may remember Orktober 2021 (last year) and how, despite me being the underdog in a clash against the mighty Wudugast, we drew even with a total of 39 models painted each. That still blows my mind actually. 

Well now it’s nearly that time again for Wudu and I to draw our chain-swords, reload our Big Shootas, ready our paint brushes and fight to the death! 

This year, after much behind the scenes squabbling, long nights pondering over ancient scriptures and scrolls, debating with scholars and military tacticians we have come up with a new set of rules. 

Last year, quite simply, it was one model = one point. 

This year, still quite simple really, the point scoring system is as follows: 

One greenskin (grot, stormboy, nob etc) = one point 

One vehicle (buggy, trukk, Deff dredd etc) = two points 

One terrain piece (scatter terrain, tower etc) = three points 

If anyone wants to join in on the fun this year by all means jump in. The only real rule is to have fun and of course, even though there will be a decent amount of blood spilt, it’s a friendly competition so no wankers! 



38 thoughts on “Orktober 2022

  1. Sounds fair to me! 🙂 I’ll just order meself a couple of hundred 6mm scale orcs to paint and that should make me a winner! 😉 Of course, I’d be here until December trying to find a green that I was happy with! Hope you enjoy the competition!

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  2. Very much looking forward to this year’s challenge. Looks like I’ve got five more days to break the boyz out from storage and pour some Orktober love into them. Just need to figure out my goals for the month. Cheers as always.


  3. I have some LOTR orcs kicking around but I’m tied up in other projects so I won’t be able to have a go this time around. I reckon you and Wudu would give me a good beating if I did enter as you two were amazingly productive last year. I’m excited to see who emerges as the winner from this year’s challenge and if you two draw again, then some of us are going to be really skeptical about this competition 😉

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