Ork Invasion Part 31 – Mad Doks surgery and things get a little weird

I was going to build somewhere for all the Orks to sleep but decided that idea was a little dull. They’ll just sleep where they fall hehe. 

I built Mad Doks surgery. 

Note the large pipe. That’s where gut-waste will pour from after surgery.
Pulley system/crane to haul up patients.

Again there was no plan I just started slapping bits together but I did know that I wanted a shipping container (40k one) up on its end and then to have a ladder in it. Other than that the whole thing just took shape organically. After I built the main structure I decided I wanted to add an air of mystery to the whole thing so Mad Doks actual office/surgery is an inaccessible MDF building (I pinched from the CoffinWood project). All I did then was Ork-ify it. I think having it all locked up and closed off makes me really wonder just what goes on in there?! Haha. 

Here’s my Mad Dok and his assistant “Forcep” 

Things then got a little weird when I decided to build a Rocket Car. Years ago when I was in a band with Big Waz we had a song (never properly released) called Rocket Car. The song was about getting away from the world but I always had a vision of a cool looking rocket car. Now here we are…

Like I said, weird haha but hopefully you guys will think it’s pretty cool too. 

The other day I also re-did a toy truck I converted back in 2020. All I did was add a big fuel tank. I wanted it to look like it’d been plonked in the back tray. So much so it’s bent and broken the trays guards rails haha. At the moment it isn’t glued in so I can access it easier to paint. After it’s painted I’ll add chains to give the appearance it’s tied down. 

With only two days left of September I hope to build one more thing, a Scrap Merchants. 



31 thoughts on “Ork Invasion Part 31 – Mad Doks surgery and things get a little weird

  1. All three are true Ork genius, love the fact you’ve hidden what goes on the Doc’s Luke, and the two vehicles look perfect.
    Do Ork’s ever sleep, or do they get knocked unconscious when the fighting breaks out, which doesn’t take much ! LOL

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  2. Oh man, I hope you some green stuff or water effects or something to show the gut waste pouring out of that pipe. That would be awesome! I’m bummed we can’t see inside the Doc’s shop, but I guess some things will remain a mystery! The rocket car looks awesome! Totally looks like something a band might have designed, especially with that face. There’s a great opportunity to add some scorched metal effects on that plane tail due to the Orks engine placement, haha! Love the truck idea too man. I think Wudu is in BIG trouble this year, haha!

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      1. Yea, I’m not sure what the medium would be to use. Maybe hot glue with some added chunks? I imagine TIM might have some good ideas, though I have no doubt you can concoct something crazy cool too. If Wudu is the Master of Puppets, you are the Iron Man!

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      2. Oh yeaaaa. I listened to a lot of Ozzy, Sabbath, etc. when in High School. Some of those songs have made a comeback with the Marvel movies. The last Thor movie had pretty much all Guns N Roses songs, which I listened to in college too.

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  3. Mate, you are blowing me away – I should concede defeat here and now! Of course I shall fight on regardless because everyone loves the underdog. 😉 Damn though, every time I look at this project I realise I’m going to have to raise my game. Mad genius all round and I love it!

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  4. You might be madder than an orc, mate! This is insane and it seems like you just sit down and build one of these jaw-dropping pieces of terrain like its nothing. That Rocket Car might be your best work yet. It really looks like a fierce bit of kit! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think the fact that you like that and take it as a compliment pretty much says it all, mate! 😉 Haha! And truthfully, I thought you might or I wouldn’t have said it!

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