Ork Invasion Part 32 – Scrap Merchants

Sadly my building frenzy has come to an end with this final addition to New OrkLeans. 

This building was actually constructed in 2020 and has been under the house for about 18 months. What I added this evening was the crane, the upper platforms, back door, some barricades and other bits of scrap here and there. I also added the scrap bin beside the building seen in the bottom right in the picture below. I’ll be filling this with all sorts of scrap. 

Orktober will be all painting!!!! 

Let the competition begin. 



21 thoughts on “Ork Invasion Part 32 – Scrap Merchants

  1. Look awesome Luke, and what Ork settlement would be complete without a scrap area for the Mek to route through for his latest creation. Look forward to seeing all these get into paint during Orktober.

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    1. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it crossed my mind hehe. I am looking forward to detailing though. I find I quite enjoy weathering and adding scratches. I’ve also picked up some AK interactive weathering pots so it should be fun 😊

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  2. I shed a wee man tear when I read this is the last of them! I’m sure Wudu did too. Tears of joy! You’ve got a lot to take on, but it wouldn’t be crazy IRO’s blog otherwise! The scrap bin looks awesome, with those slats at the bottom I was kind of picturing a trash compactor. They’d have to be cylinders though, and the junk bin fits in better. Stop reading this and get to painting! 😀

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  3. This is a fantastic way to end your building spree. A wrecking yard is something every self-respecting Ork wants and this should round off your awesome terrain nicely. I’m looking forward to seeing you toil away at painting all this stuff now. Its going to look great when its all done! 🙂

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