Ork Invasion part 47 – Air Purifier Tower

New OrkLeans is a filthy, stinking muck-hole of a town and the air quality is so rancid it makes your nose and eyes bleed. 

So Da BludLetta Clan got their smartest brains onto figuring out how to improve the air (makes you wonder why they didn’t just find somewhere else to live?). 

What the smartest brains came up with was a huge air purifier tower. The trouble is it required 24 hour maintenance to keep it running which meant a shack had to be built on top of it for the maintenance crew. The other problem was that it used a lot of oil and gutz which sent out a long thick plume of pollution into the air. However the air pushed out into the general vicinity was 60% breathable and there was no more bleeding from the nose and eyes. The smartest brains saw this as a win so the tower stayed. 

I wanted more blue than red on this one but still wanted that really weathered and faded look. I’m pretty happy with the finished result and I love how spindly and nuts the whole thing is. I just hope I never drop it, although the rebuild could be even nuttier haha. 



25 thoughts on “Ork Invasion part 47 – Air Purifier Tower

  1. That sounds perfect Ork mentality Luke ! LOL Fits in perfectly with the rest of the build, and the painting is excellent, would make a great lookout post as well, if they weren’t so busy maintaining the purifier ! LOL

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    1. Thank you. Look I won’t lie, I had to do a big tidy up of the cabin on the weekend and it left me thinking of building a bigger and better one haha. If I build the second one bigger but out of recycled timber again the wife may not even notice haha

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  2. Looks amazing mate – love how spindly it is. Makes perfect sense for Orks to want an air purifier for their town. Orks may be happy to breath the most polluted air but humies tend to choke and die (weak gits!) – and if they’re doing that they’re not fighting, and where’s the fun in an enemy that can’t fight back?

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  3. That’s awesome and a nice backstory! In my mind, it’s so spindly because of the smoke it generated. So the Chief said make it taller! That didn’t work, so “Make it TALLER!”. And then finally “MAKE IT REALLY TALL!” Despite the protests of the Chief Builder (who was quickly served up as dinner that night). Finally the plumes of smoke were high enough to start getting carried up by the wind and the Chief said “Good Nuff!”.

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