Ork Invasion part 49 – Scatter terrain

I think these pieces came in the Speed Freeks box. 

I fancied something fairly straightforward and simple to paint as I haven’t been sleeping well and wasn’t highly motivated. However with game night fast approaching I wanted to paint something at least. Scatter terrain seemed to be the perfect choice. 

As you can see from the pix above I didn’t go for highly detailed painting just slapped on some colours then weathered, washed and dry brushed with a pale creamy brown. 

They should look ok once scattered around New OrkLeans and they’re big enough for sneaky Orks to hide behind if need be.

I have one large corner piece, one small corner piece, one long barricade and one small barricade to paint before New OrkLeans is complete. I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel and I’m getting excited to see how it all goes together 😊👍🏼



26 thoughts on “Ork Invasion part 49 – Scatter terrain

  1. Top stuff – I like these pieces and they’re nice and quick to power through. I did wonder about battering through a load of them at the end of Orktober and counting each of them as a 3 point terrain piece but I thought that would be cheating 😀

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  2. I think these are great and will add great depth to your game (and good luck on the deadline for the game and the chance to battle Keith). Get some sleep too buddy, though I know the deadline looming challenge is one tough beast to wrestle.

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