Ork Invasion part 50 – two more pieces of terrain done and two left to go 

This is my third post for today! I’m actually quite pleased with my productivity in the last 24 hours. 

This afternoon I managed to knock out two more pieces of terrain for New OrkLeans. 

First up, a small-ish barricade.

I think the caravan should’ve been a bit bluer. Also, does anyone know how to paint broken old glass? I just went for a murky brownish colour as I wasn’t sure and didn’t have time to research. 

Next I tackled a small corner piece. I originally built this for HellGate (another project of mine) so that’s why it’s a bit gothic-ish but I think it still sorta/kinda works for New OrkLeans. Maybe the Orks pinched it from HellGate. 

I really enjoy slapping paints together and then dry brushing different colours over that. It’s good bloody fun and a fairly quick process too. 

These pieces aren’t amazingly painted but I think they work for what I’m going for. 

Apologies that the photos and backdrop isn’t great too. I’m in the cabin and was just trying to get it done before dinner haha. 



24 thoughts on “Ork Invasion part 50 – two more pieces of terrain done and two left to go 

      1. Oh yeah, airport is a good shout. And if not an Opera house then some kind of stage for the boys to rock out. And a fighting pit, squig pen, weird boys’ tower, brewery, fungus plantation, an encampment full of roving Snakebites, a truck stop and a parade ground for those daft Stormboys to march up and down in their uniforms (daft gits).

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  1. Great work on both Luke it’s really coming together now.
    As for your window question, starting with a base of Corax White, then apply a blue glaze, in a random horizontal storkes, when fully dry dry brush Zandri Dust over it, this will give a dusty effect.
    If you want a dirtier look, stipple thick Steel Legion Drab over the window and it will give the effect of crusted on dirt.

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  2. You’re really pushing it with three posts in one day. Leave some for the rest of us!!! 😉 In all seriousness, I’m probably just jealous because I could never get this much terrain done as fast as you have. It all looks great as well as per usual 🙂

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  3. Man I’m just trying to keep up! These are nice and will add to the character of New Orkleans. If you want a nod to the real New Orleans, you’ll need an analogous French Quarter. Imagine fine restaurant next to strip joint next to blues bar next to another strip joint. Lots of drinking and anything goes. What about an ork strip joint or bordello?

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