Ork Invasion part 51 – New OrkLeans completed

I’d say it’s often the case that I set out with good intentions to start and finish a project but rarely do finish much haha. 

I’ve come to realise that I am not a completist but what I am is a dreamer and dammit I dream BIG! No one is more surprised than me that I’ve completed this project.  

In September (this year of 2022) I started building things for my Orks like a man possessed. During Orktober I painted as many of the built things as I could. For the first few weeks of November I’ve questioned my own sanity but have kept painting the built things for my Orks and last night I finished the final two pieces to complete the giant puzzle that is New OrkLeans. 


Without further ado…

I give you New OrkLeans…

My observations on the finished town: 

  1. It’s modular so it’s fairly interchangeable eg I could make a smaller compound etc. That’s a big tick for me. 
  2. All the separate sections joined up really well. I’d say I was 90% accurate. Not bad considering there was no plan, measurement or method to my madness haha. 
  3. The interior of the compound/fort was a little smaller than I hoped. Notice there’s no vehicles within the compound. They just didn’t fit. I’m glad I didn’t go for anymore buildings otherwise they wouldn’t have fit either. Even now it’s a little squishy but still playable which is another tick. 
  4. I like that there’s height and width to the whole thing. It takes up two thirds of a 6ft long gaming table. 

Now let’s see some shots of Da BludLettas manning the giant fort.

It’s all set up for the big game with my pal Keith tonight. 

  1. New OrkLeans – Check 
  2. Da BludLettas – Check 
  3. Imperial Guard – Check 
  4. Cheese and bacon balls – Check
  5. Beer – Check 

Tomorrow I’ll post the Battle Report. 

Just wanted to thank everyone for their words of encouragement with this project. Your thoughts and ideas were all also much appreciated. 

I realised today, as I was setting everything up, that one of my first ideas/projects when I first got back into the hobby in 2015 was to build an Ork Fort. Here we are seven years later and I couldn’t be happier.



43 thoughts on “Ork Invasion part 51 – New OrkLeans completed

  1. Fan-bloody-tastic mate! What an achievement – I’m going to be pouring over this for inspiration for a long time to come! If you’re worried about it not being big enough on the inside you could always make some more wall sections – the nice thing with it being so modular is it’ll be easy to extend it that way (and you’ll need to do that anyway when you get around to adding more buildings…). Or as a quicker solution you could open up a breach in the walls and fill the gap with some barricades. Or just leave it as it is and let the vehicles race around outside whilst the infantry get stuck in winkling those orks out of their fort. Good luck in the battle!

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  2. Congratulations on completing the project Luke, for some reason I thought it would have been bigger, with all the large pieces you’ve shown, but I guess that’s down to how you have cleverly fit everything together.

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  3. You’ve really outdone yourself on this one, mate! It looks sensational and really captures the army well. Seeing this reminds me of when I first saw Mad Max style Ork vehicles in a White Dwarf. It blew my mind!

    You kinda made terrain look easy too. It didn’t seem to take you long at all to put this together which makes me a bit jealous! I look forward to the battle report and to seeing what you tackle next!

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      1. The Orks are made for Mad Max fans, I’d say. You’re too kind as always. I seriously get barely any terrain done in a given year so I have no excuse. I’m probably more jealous of your drive and ability to get it done. I lack desire to work on terrain about 10 months of the year, I reckon 🙂

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      2. Terrain is a big slog but for me and my approach I guess it’s fairly simple painting. Depends what I’m doing though. When I did a treehouse diorama a couple of years ago I wanted it to be as detailed as possible so it took me longer to do. Ork terrain is messy and weathered and ORKY haha so therefore it’s quicker and easier for me.

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  4. Jings, that is truly incredible! I’m so impressed that you managed to even complete such a massive project so quickly, never-ending have it looking so good. I bet you’ll have many fun games across New Orkleans!

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  5. Holy Hell! That’s a lot of terrain for a short amount of time! I think some would be lucky to get pre-assembled cardboard pieces up as quickly! Nice work and it’s amazing to see it all in one big piece. I guess the vehicles could go outside the town as there is a bit of room out there? I’m way behind on blog reading, but interested to read up on how your game went. 😀

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