Medieval Tale – IV

I’ve decided there will be a total of six factions for the medieval project. 

  1. The Eumarians
  2. Mortimers Crusaders 
  3. The Gungnir (Gungnir is the name of Odin’s spear) 
  4. Bloodreapers
  5. Caesar Constantines 16th Lion Legion 
  6. The Emperors Light 

Years ago I’d already put together a whole bunch of troops but here’s what I’ve been up to lately. 

Please note that I’ll just include photos of some of my favourite builds instead of every model. 


A catapult (from the lord of the rings range from GW)

The catapult was a deadly siege machine. Think long range artillery capable of crushing in thick castle doors, smashing through thick stone castle walls and decimating infantry lines. 

The earliest catapults date to at least the 7th century BC, with King UzziahJudah, recorded as equipping the walls of Jerusalem with machines that shot “great stones”.

I have more siege weapons tucked away somewhere but I fancied getting stuck into some troops. 

I tore open boxes of saxons, Vikings and and started cobbling together all the bits together randomly. A head from here a shield from there etc. This is probably quite sacrilegious for a lot of hobbyists haha but I cut my own path 90% of the time. 

According to Publius Flacius Vegetius, who wrote the military strategy bible in the Middle Ages, infantry was the most important element of an army because it was cheap compared to cavalry could be deployed on any terrain. So…

For The Gungnir (which are very Viking-ish) 

In total I put together 50 infantry, a 17 man berserker squad, six cavalry and a command squad of 5. 

Some of The Gungnir 

A couple of the berserkers

Some cavalry

Next, for Mortimers Crusaders, I put together 25 archers, 39 troops including a captain, 10 foot knights and 12 mounted knights. 

Some of the archers 

Some troops

Some foot knights

Some mounted knights

I still have a lot of minis to build, mostly from Perry Miniatures but there’s also the Roman Army Starter Box from Warlord Games. Yep, a huge project haha. 

Something key to this project is that it’ll also incorporate fantasy miniatures like dragons but also larger barbarians, brutes and beasts. Think Braveheart meets Age of Sigmar haha. 



25 thoughts on “Medieval Tale – IV”

  1. Everything looks fantastic to me, mate! I really like your idea for the setting as well. I think there have been a few rulesets that attempt something fairly similar but your ideas seem fresh and a little different from those at the same time. I’m looking forward to seeing more progress, which knowing you, won’t take too long! 🙂

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  2. Have a blast! This is so up your alley, really anticipating a fantastic project. I’m looking forward to seeing more builds and seeing these painted up. Should allow for some cool games, and even modeling some to look like your mates!

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  3. Great looking pieces you cobbles together. I have a few of these kits, and originally picked them up to add some variety to Frostgrave. They also work nicely for D&D and other Fantasy games. I’ll have to check out some of the other kits you mentioned here too. Cheers!

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