Medieval tale V

One of the factions for the Medieval Project is called The Emperors Light. 

For this army there will be a mix of figures from different suppliers but some of the figures, I’m particularly excited, about are the Bretonnians. 

I picked some knights up (I think they’re 4th edition maybe?) from eBay quite a few years ago now and all of them are in different stages of being painted. I guess you could call them an eBay rescue. The colour choices are a little McDonaldsy in my opinion so I’ll definitely be repainting. 

I just realised one of the Knights is holding a bugle. How can he blow a bugle with a full face covering helmet on? Haha

I’ve always loved the old school Bretonnian Models from GW but, to date, have never painted one. Like the imperial guard of 40k the Bretonnians are part of the human element/faction of the old warhammer fantasy game/world. Obviously based on Knights of ye olde England or even King Arthur and the Knights of the round table. 

I also scored a small bunch of men-at-arms.

The Bretonnian sculpts are a little dated now compared the newer more dynamic models GW are producing but there’s a certain charm about them that I personally find everlasting. 

The scale compared to perry minis, warlord and fireforge is a bit different but I’m not worried about that. Maybe the Bretonnians are like a super breed of human like Space Marines hehe. 

I should point out that these minis are plastic so not the old, OLD, school minis from GW but I’m excited to paint them all the same. 

I still have so much to build but, I’ll be honest, the hobby butterfly in me is already starting to think about Turnip28 haha. It was around this time last year that I was dabbling with that project so my next post might be on that OR maybe it’ll be on more medieval stuff. My blog is like a lucky dip, you never quite know what you’re gonna get 😉



22 thoughts on “Medieval tale V”

  1. Nice haul. I think those are 6th ed plastics, as the earlier plastics were less detailed, and the horse caparisons (is that right?) didn’t have the shields to paint. There was no chainmail on the horses, either. The Men-at-arms are also the later sculpts for Bretonnians. Maybe the only plastic men-at-arms they had? I think all the earlier ones were metal. Which is why i didn’t have any in college. lol

    Paint them up!

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  2. Would you like to super-size your knights combo? 😉 The Bretonnians were an army I always wanted to paint and never got around to it so I’m thrilled to see you painting knights. Having said that, you can’t go wrong with spending some with Turnip either so I’ll be curious to see what you get up to next!

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  3. Nice stuff mate, I actually prefer the more static poses of the older figures over the sometimes a bit over the top “dynamic” ones you often see today. Could be because I’m more static and less dynamic myself these days! 😉

    Cheers Roger.

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  4. Looks like some good additions to your project. What color scheme do you think you’ll go with, if you’re ditching the McDonalds colors? Hopefully that paint isn’t stuck on there too bad!

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  5. These Knights look grand mate, I’ll get around to checking out the rest soon but I just wanted to wish you and the family, plus Wazz and the lads a great Xmas and a really exciting New year like Lucas and Wayne will be having Ha Ha ! Cheers mate thanks for the laughs!

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