What’s on for 2023

G’day gang. 

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. 

Just thought I’d pop in early with a bit of a plan of attack for 2023. To be honest I never really stick to the plan because I tend to always bite off more than I can chew. So for 2023 I’m going to aim a little lower and hopefully get some things knocked off the long project list. 

I’ll be starting the new year with some Turnip28 stuff. 

  1. Build/sculpt a Toff (leader) for the Rutabaga army 
  2. Build a steampunk-ish tank for the Rutabaga army 
  3. Paint the whole Rutabaga army 
  4. Finish building the Zombie Napoleonic army and paint 

Next I hope to get stuck in to the new Imperial Guard box (Cadia Stands)

I’m a little undecided if I’ll just build and paint them as they are or give them a theme. I kind of like the idea of doing a Vietnam war theme but I’m struggling to find the right heads. 

I want to then paint my Tallarn army. Super keen to get some paint onto the vehicles especially. 

Next I’ll get stuck into some traitor guard. My traitor guard is infantry heavy and I want to bulk out the ranks even more. 

I’ll also continue with the Rorke’s Drift project as there are still a ton of Zulus to print and many, many British troops too.

Of course the annual Ork battle with Wudugast will be on the cards in Orktober but other than that I feel a bit Orked out at the moment haha. 

So it’s going to be Guard heavy this year. I’m sure there will be other bits and bobs along the way but with a smaller “to do” list I feel like I’ll make some good progress. 

What’s your plan for the year? 

Have a great 2023 guys and I look forward to seeing everything you build/paint/play/read. 



41 thoughts on “What’s on for 2023”

  1. That’s a lower standard?? Dang.

    My plan is to paint some models. At least 20.

    I also want to finish building/ painting the two 3d printed buildings I’ve got on my terrain table, plus finish a wild west bank that’s about 50% done.

    I’ve got 100s of unpainted models for WFB that need painted, so if I paint anything, that will be it.

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  2. Great stuff, IRO! A good plan as well to start the year. If you’re keen on some ‘Nam heads there should be some STL printers you can find on etsy.
    I know Mad Robot in the US has a good range of heads as well, and from memory he does have some Vietnam themed ones – though shipping can be expensive from him.
    There’s also Green Stuff World that sells a variety of 3rd party heads from different places. I’ve purchased stuff from them a number of times and have no issues recommending them as a customer.
    Finally, Wargames Atlantic are bringing out a set of “Space ‘Nam” models. Not sure of the exact component breakdown but may be worth looking into to see if they would be useful.
    Anyway, hope you and the ladies had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year! 🎆🎇

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  3. Good plan, looking forward to seeing whatever you do, but I’m sure you’ll have fun no matter what. I’m planning on putting out a post on 2022 (wrap up) and 2023 plans, but that will have to wait for next week. Until then, I’m doing a brigade of Winkies (the orcs of Ozz).

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      1. Oh? Have I seen it? I can’t Remember it. Ok, what about this, be open minded, as you like painting clowns what about a rogue gang of clowns that are terrorising all the punters inside a circus tent. You could do half a tent and have the diorama inside. Showing all the seats, civilians, other circus characters but the clowns are wreaking havoc. Maybe even armed with axes and shotguns.

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      2. Just emailed you a photo of it. Funny you should say about clowns as I’ve just finished one which I’ll put in a post in the next day or so. You’ve certainly given me food for thought but I’m thinking Zombies at the moment. Just can’t get a clear idea of how to do it just yet but it will come.

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  4. That’s quite reserved for you Luke, but hopefully makes it more achievable, as for me I really want to get back on with my Star Wars project, but need to finish 2 squads and a vehicle on my 40K armies

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  5. Orked out?! Madness! I’m actually feeling the call of the Orks more than ever at the moment, although that may be because I don’t have the time to do anything about it! Hopefully you’ll have recovered your senses before Orktober rolls around (or maybe not – then I might have a fighting chance…). Curious to see what you do with the new Guard – I actually managed to break them out and stick a couple together the other night, once the main bodies are built (torso and legs) they’re very kitbash friendly. And of course I’m looking forward to all the other stuff you’re going to do as well! Happy New Year mate!

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    1. Are you familiar with boxing? Once the champ has beaten his opponent he will rest, recover and then start training all over again. Think of me as the Mohammad Ali of Orks. I stomp like an Ork and Bash like an Ork. 😉
      That’s good to hear Re kitbashing. Are they user friendly with other IG kits do you know?

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      1. Haha – well if you’re the Mohammad Ali of Orks no wonder I lost. Mind you, Ali’s greatest skill, arguably, was psyching out his opponents before they even got in the ring so I think my best move would be to ignore your taunts and keep bench-pressing this enormous box of unpainted orks (at least, that’s what my personal trainer advises).

        Let’s see, the new Cadians mix well with the Orlocks, the Imperial Navy Voidsmen from Kill Team and the old Cadians. I’m pretty sure they’d also mix well with the Catachans, the Hive Scum and the Genestealer Cults, I’ve just not managed to dig any of them out for a test run yet (I can see the box I need from where I’m sitting but it’s under five other boxes, and to move them I’d have to make space first and dammit man what more do you want from me!). I’d also add, the new Cadians mix well with each other – every head/combination of arms goes with every body as far as I can tell – which is a big improvement on the new Ork boys or Chaos cultists. Best to follow the instructions when assembling the legs and torso but after that the world is your oyster.

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  6. It’s good to have a plan, sadly I don’t have one much myself at the moment. I have just sorted out my “Advent Challenge” figures into there relative months so haven’t been completely twiddling my thumbs 😀.

    Looks like you have some interesting stuff planned.

    Cheers Roger.

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  7. I hope you had a nice Christmas as well. Your plans for 2023 look suitably ambitious to me and I think it will be fun to see you revisiting those projects. Any chance you’ll make your Hobby Dad proud and paint some more knights? 🙂 I hope so!

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  8. Sounds like a good line-up planned for next year and it has a steam tank in it! 🙂 I’ve not done anywhere near as much as I usually do this year (even though I’ve kept busy) and at the moment am just planning on trying to finish off those armies/forces that are almost done!

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  9. I relate so hard to the whole bit about usually biting off more than you can chew when planning for the New Year! 😛 There’s just something so fresh and exciting about this time of year that makes me think “MUST. DO. ALL. THE. THIIIIIINGS!!!” and then promptly burn myself out. 😛
    Love your plan of attack for the year and the pics. Hope you have a Happy New Year full of creativity and fun!

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    1. Happy New Year Mrs Moth. So why don’t we both do the opposite of what we normally do. It’s a fresh new year but instead of setting the bar high let’s set it lower and jump over it together and feel good about it 😊 Yayyy for 2023.

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