Turnip28 and The Kings own 23rd Boggy Marsh Rutabagas – Part 13

I wonder the mud slopes and flats in search of a love once had. The wind and rain try to hinder my journey but my heart is strong despite the steady stream of tears. My body and soul ache from the tedious days but still I will not rest. War rages on and wreaks havoc upon the lands...

…and if it were not for my brute companions I would be long since dead but alas I am still here. Bullets whiz and blades clash and blood flows constantly into the root infested dirt but I am stout of heart and have an iron will and will go on until death or until my love is found. I will go on.


Lady Aisha of the Legume



26 thoughts on “Turnip28 and The Kings own 23rd Boggy Marsh Rutabagas – Part 13”

  1. Very nice job taking a mini that is a little bland in my eyes and bringing it to Turnip28. To state the obvious, you’re really on a roll here with this project and the results speak for themselves!

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