I sculpted a dragon

G’day gang,

Apologies for not being around much but work has been quite the slog. I am gardener here in Australia and we’ve had a lot of rain through the summer. This has made the climate great for things to grow, and rapidly grow at that, so I’ve been flat out mowing, hedging, trimming, pruning, chopping, mulching and digging.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been sculpting a dragon. A very ambitious second project to sculpt but I sort of like diving into the deep end. I had a lot of fun but each step was a huge challenge as I didn’t do much in the way of research. I didn’t even use a reference photo.

I was going for scary dragon but he looks kind of friendly and I have yet to paint him but here are all the photos.

To be honest I’m not 100% happy with it but then again I’m never 100% happy with anything I do.

I am looking forward to painting him but for now I’m jumping into some good old Imperial Guard.



42 thoughts on “I sculpted a dragon”

  1. For a first attempt at a dragon you’ve done an excellent job Luke, faces on dragons can be tricky, if you want angry looking make sure to angle the eyes slightly down at the front and give the mouth a snarl, this will help. With the wings always remember to keep the leading edge straight not curved as this is where the bones are, then add more curve to edge membrane between the fingers, hope this helps.

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  2. I’m not going to pretend it’s the best sculpt in the world mate but it is bloody great for a first attempt at a very, very difficult skill. Good to see you taking it on and I’m sure if you stick with it as a challenge you will only get better and better. Looking forward to seeing this beast with some paint on. 🙂👏👏

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  3. Hey now, you got to be happy with that New OrkLeans city you built! You better, because I’m sure your Wife is going to bury you with it, haha! I have to say I’m impressed how you have jumped in headfirst into sculpting. I’m usually avoiding even the minor green stuff work, but it’s a super handy skill to have in our hobby. Though a quite different that takes a lot of practice. I hope you stick with it, because I imagine it’s going to fun watching the development! 🙂

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  4. Great to see you take a creative leap like this. While it is not all that you wanted, I think it’s a nice piece especially given that it’s a first shot. Jumping to a dragon is a pretty audacious project. Honestly, I see the points you described but that’s not how I’d look at it if I were in your boots (as you’re a gardener I assumed boots). Remember back to 2015/2016 and you were painting miniatures full stop. I loved those projects of yours circa 2015 – and still do. BUT, your painting now is so far advanced over what you did back then. It’s growth my man, pure and simple. And you didn’t get to where you are now by playing it safe – and I have no fear that you’ll get – I think the Brits call it “wobbly” – anytime soon. Just curious as to what you used for clay, as coincidentally I recently sculpted some terrain and hope to share soon.

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  5. What’s this? We both disappear from the blogosphere only to reappear on the same day! This will do nothing to quell those rumours that we are in fact the same man wearing different outlandish disguises. Nice work on that dragon – sculpting is a bloody hard thing to do and you’ve chosen a particularly tricky subject for your second attempt. You don’t believe in making things easy for yourself do you? 😉 Great result all the same though.

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    1. What you don’t seem to want to believe is that I really do have a team of flying ninja monkey that keep watch on your every move for me. Their leader is a tiny Makak monkey called Kojak who ominously sucks on a lollipop at all times. Thanks mate, yep definitely an ambitious one to take on. I wouldn’t say it’s a fail but I wouldn’t say it was a success either hehe.

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  6. You better be applying sunscreen, mate! 😉 In all seriousness, it sounds like busy times but I’m glad to see you’re stilling hobbying. I think the dragon is a strong first step. For me, the texture on the wings isn’t quite there and if you can get some scales on the body, that will take this to the next level. Easier said than done though and my suggestions don’t take away what is already a strong effort either! 🙂

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