Orks Vs Aussie soldiers and Zulu warriors

Hello all,

It’s been a bit quiet for me in the old blogosphere of late. Life is busy is all I can really say but also the mojo has been a little low and come in spurts rather than any kind of consistency.

I’ve been dabbling here and there, mostly with the new imperial guard gear from GW, but more on that some time soon-ish.

Over the weekend though my youngest daughter Willow and I had a game that was a little different.

She was keen to play on the pirate island board I started making last year that some of you might remember. She also wanted some ships too.

I’ve got to say I was excited to set up the game as I hadn’t used the board before.

Willow loves Orks so wanted to play them and instead of my regular Imperial Guard I went for a combined force of WW2 Aussie troops from Bolt Action and some of my Zulu warriors I’ve painted up for the Rorke’s Drift project.

I won’t give you a play by play or turn by turn I’ll just tell a little story and slot some pix in here and there so you get a feel for the whole thing.

The Orks mission was to capture the serenity stone that was hidden away in an old run down windmill and guarded by Aussie troops. The Orks were to then scurry off to their own little island base and secure the stone.

The Aussies and Zulus job was to stop the Orks in their tracks.

The Aussies had been stationed on the island for quite some time and had befriended a local tribe. They spent many a night drinking and sharing stories but were on constant lookout for attacks from Orks.

The sun had just set one evening when a young Zulu warrior spotted a large red sailed ship heading for them. The Zulus and Aussies took up their positions and waited for the attack.

Even a few local fisherman came by to lend a hand.

Some of the Orks came in hard, leaping from their ship onto the docks while their comrades cheered from their own island base.

The Orks first fight was with ten courageous Zulus and their Ork Boss was slain immediately.

Suddenly a giant Kraken came crashing out of the deep blue sea, killed two of the Orks, dragged their carcasses down into the water then gobbled them down.

The local fisherman saw the distraction of the kraken, and the fact that the Ork ship was currently bobbing on the water empty of any crew, as an opportunity to swim out to it and use the ships canons on the Ork base.

They blew up a few of the green monsters but in the corner of their eyes they saw the Kraken coming towards them. It attacked but they managed to knock it off the side of the ship.

Then, some of the Orks from the island climbed aboard and killed two of the fisherman.

Meanwhile the Orks on the main island had made it to the serenity stone despite being shot at again and again by the Aussie troops.

Some hand to hand with more Aussie troops caused some losses but the xenos were still able to steal the stone.

They started dragging the giant stone away to the ship.

Once they manoeuvred it onboard the ship they were attacked by the two remaining fisherman and some savage hand to hand combat ensued. One fisherman fell but the other one cut down no less than five of the Orks. He then heroically heaved the stone up onto his back and headed back to the safety of the main island.

However, the Orks gave chase and even though they were set upon by the Kraken once again they managed to steal back the stone. Once more they headed for their base. The Aussie troops laid down a ton of volley fire but only took down two Orks.

The Aussie Matilda tank opened fire from the dock but failed to stop the escaping green warriors.

The Orks secured the serenity stone at their own base winning the battle and the game.

It was all done but then one more ridiculing blow came for the Aussie and Zulus in the shape of the monstrous Kraken who struck and killed two Zulus.

It was a fun, fast paced, action packed game that both Willow and I thoroughly enjoyed.

I hope you enjoyed it too 😊



27 thoughts on “Orks Vs Aussie soldiers and Zulu warriors”

  1. Excellent! I’ve been wondering where you were at. Love the fact that the might of the Australian military failed to halt the orks but one fisherman who happened to drop by went all Rambo on them and damn near saved the day by himself!

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  2. A most enjoyable report Luke, and as you both enjoyed the game, well worthwhile, the mix of historical and sci-fi on the board looked awesome, as did the board all laid out, and the Kraken was awesome.

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  3. Quite the epic battle, my man! I imagine you did this pretty randomly, but I see a number of elements used in other games that add excitement. Random monsters, like the Kraken, can add that nice bit of unknown and a common enemy (Frostgrave does this pretty well). Reinforcements – where troops arrive at different stages, also manages to swing the game in new ways. All I can end with is “Awesome!”. 😃

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