Rorke’s Drift Part 30 – cathartic Zulu painting

When in doubt and lacking mojo I’ve discovered that batch painting Zulus is a great cathartic way to feel like I’m still moving ahead.

Some of you may remember that I had around 280 Zulu warriors to paint for my large Rorke’s Drift project. With the help of a few friends, my wife and Colonel Mustard (a blog buddy), 140 were painted last year.

This year has been busy to say the least so I haven’t done a great deal with the hobby lately but I have been chipping away on the Zulu pile and tonight I finished off another 20. I even based them and their movement trays.

They are easy and fun to paint and I hope to tackle another twenty over the next week or so.

In other news I have a new best friend.

Thor is a three month old American Staffy puppy who has stolen my old heart. He makes me smile every day and night. Even when he’s pooped on the carpet I just can’t help but smile at this little fella. He will be my work mate too which I’m excited about. He’s been out to work a few times with me but has a bit of a nervous disposition so I’m easing him into things.

I hope everyone is keeping well and enjoy their 2023 hobby year.



30 thoughts on “Rorke’s Drift Part 30 – cathartic Zulu painting”

  1. The Zulus look great and good that you’ve been able to progress this mammoth project. Your new friend is adorable and hope he gets over his nervousness quickly.

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  2. The Zulus are looking good and nice to hear that it hasn’t been a chore to work on them. I’m trying to get stuff painted, but it’s mainly been a push lately. Your pup is cute as hell! Hadn’t heard of an American Staffy before, so I had to look that one up.

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  3. The Zulus are coming along well, mate. Getting 20 done at any given time is an accomplishment too. The new dog looks good too! Very realistic paint job and the fur texture looks incredibly soft. That’s a real achievement in the hobby I would say 😀

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      1. My joke was a dumb one but it still makes me snicker so thank you for humoring me 🙂 It sounds like I should hire you for batch painting in the future because I always find it a bit tedious!

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