The IRO studio part one

Hello my blogger buddies I hope you’re all well.

I’ve moved house and I’ve moved to the country and I couldn’t be happier. It’s always been a lifelong dream of mine to live in a more rural part of this great land called Australia. Less people the better. Finally, at the ripe old age of 44, that dream has become a reality.

Last Friday we got the keys then, over the weekend, the wife, two of my daughters (9 and 15) and myself ripped up cheap looking floating timber floors and carpets and then Stained and Varnished the hardwood timber floors.

A mammoth achievement and, needless to say, I was very proud of the kids for all their hard work and also for their positive attitudes.

There’s lots more to do as far as renovations including fixing up skirting boards, painting, remodelling the kitchen and bathroom amongst many other things.

One key thing though is the IRO studio.

Currently the studio/bungalow is like this.

As you can see it has a little kitchenette to the right. Perfect for making coffee and snacks to help me whittle away into the early hours on my minis. With the kitchen I’ll be changing the splashback (backsplash) depending on where you’re from. I’ll also be ripping up the floor tiles. The carpet has already been removed and in place of the carpet and tiles I’ll be laying vinyl planks. Similar to this.

The door in the middle leads to my 15 year olds bedroom. (Yep I have to, partially, share the bungalow with her. At least until she moves out haha). In her room she has an ensuite too but she’s asked me not to poop in there if she’s in her room. Fair I guess… until she moves out!!!

The door on the left in the pic leads to a large walk in robe which my daughter will also utilise. My space, for the hobby, is the main central area which is approximately 6m’s by 2.6m’s. Large enough. Double the size of the cabin I built a couple of years ago.

The plan.

The wall on the left:

This will be my work station with a desk (which will be painted black) some hand made shelves (which will be painted black) and a black painted wall. Then I’ll have this artwork from my all time favourite movie. Can you guess the movie?

The wall on the right:

For this wall I want to clad it in reclaimed timber. Something like this.

This wall will then be lined with shelving of some description with led lighting. On these shelves I’ll display finished miniatures and terrain. Under the shelving there will be drawer units containing supplies etc.

For the centre of the room I will have a permanent gaming table set up with more storage capability underneath.

I’m thinking two of these on their sides with the ability to hold a single 6ft x 4ft board or a 6ft x 6ft board.

There’s also another wall (not pictured) where I could place another storage unit.

Fairly straightforward stuff I guess. I’m going for simple but effective.

I’d then adorn walls with inspirational art that I like and other things like movie posters. I’m thinking Zulu.

So that’s the rough plan. Watch this space for updates on this 1:1 project but please note it might be some time before it’s complete because, according to the wife, a new kitchen is more important than a new hobby space.



33 thoughts on “The IRO studio part one”

  1. You have been busy already, and a lot of cool plans for the future as well, nice Leon poster art for the wall, and look forward to seeing this develop over the coming months

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  2. Man, that’s awesome! When we moved house, I got my own little area and the first thing I did was put paint racks up on the wall. Makes it so much easier to see all my paints and not have to dig through drawers.
    You might take a look at Black Magic Crafts YouTube channel for his setup. Along with the paint racks, he’s got cabinets on the walls for storage as well. I really like the movie poster segments. Where did you get that from? Looks like the space outside could also be used for BBQs and jam sessions! 😃

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    1. Hehe yep I watched the black magic set up a while ago but again last night. I also watched Ninjons one as well. I had all my paints displayed in my old cabin on rustic old shelves but this time I really like the idea of keeping everything black so that the paints really pop. The outside has a decking area and bbq’s is exactly what it’ll be used for.

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      1. I got the following vertical paint racks. Spray painted them white, modded them a little with some hooks and then hung them on white pegboard I picked up from Ikea. Allows me to move things around as I need more space. I’ve also seen 3D printed tubes you can hook together or some people have cut up pvc pipes to do the same. The sky is your oyster! The main thing is that you got a nice new space and it will be exciting to see what it ends up looking like! 😀

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  3. Looks like Leon the professional will be a permanent icon in your new home!

    Much congrats and best wishes. The old cabin was an appetizer, here now comes the main course…

    You’ll be busy for a while, and justifiably so. The honey-do list will never be complete – though indeed, finish the kitchen so A. does not kill ya!

    All the best!

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  4. Those are some great plans and I like The Professional a lot too. Those bathroom rules are pretty strict! She must be taking care of the mortgage with those kinds of demands 😉

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    1. Hahaha that’s not a bad idea, charge her rent and then she can have a voice in the decision of where I can poop. Well done on spotting the professional. It’s my all time favourite. Have you seen the extended directors cut?

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      1. I must be getting old because I wouldn’t have said something like that before I got a mortgage… I haven’t seen the Extended version. That sounds intriguing though! I haven’t seen the movie in quite a long time but I love to see Jean Reno and Gary Oldman in it. Both were at their best in that one.

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  5. Wow mate I nearly swooned with envy when I saw the studio!! So much for the Tiny house idea !!Ha ha , you would never have fitted into it being a 6’2 1/2″ tall monster!!
    Brilliant idea to move out into the country i’mm sure the kids will love it along with the beautiful wife. I swear those vinyl planks are the same ones Fi used in her tiny house, they are so good!!
    Looking forward to the progress report and some local scenic photos!!

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      1. I new that mate 🤭we just have to keep that a secret from the young lasses as like mine they like to use us as places to keep stuff temporary 😅😅😅

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