8 years of Blogging

Hello fellow nerds.

I just saw a little notification to tell me it’s been 8 years of blogging.

It’s gone quick, as life has.

There’s been highs, a spattering of lows, but mostly highs.

I think/hope my painting skills have slowly got better over the years.

There’s been many a conversion which is, still, where my creative heart beats the loudest.

Not a ton of games to be had but the ones that have come about have been so much fun and very cinematic.

I think I say this every year but the best thing to come out of blogging really has been the community and the friendships. Some have come and gone, which is always a little sad, but others, I feel, I have bonded with in such a way that I’d want to stay in contact even if this blog came to an end.

In the 8 years I’ve lived in four different houses (finally settled now though), I sadly lost two dogs but gained another (my boy Thor). I’ve had two podcasts, one of which was hobby related. During the 8 years I’ve worked at three different places, including my current job, which is my own humble little gardening business. In the 8 years I’ve had some personal struggles but that’s all a part of life.

The blog itself has always been like an old friend. Reliable, something I can escape with, be creative with, learn from and most of all feel like I’m part of a niche but very cool community.

Thank you to you for all the likes, comments, encouragement, support, guidance and friendship.

I’ll be pouring myself a whiskey or two tonight to celebrate.



30 thoughts on “8 years of Blogging”

      1. Congrats on 9 and glad to hear it’s still enjoyable for you. There’s been times when I haven’t blogged as much but only because of real life things but it really is like an old friend.

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  1. Congrats on 8 years! I think (?) I’ll be hitting the 12 year mark come October? Weird and wonderful how it all goes by so swiftly.

    Here’s to 8 more years sir!

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  2. Great post Luke. You certainly have entertained and informed throughout the years and we all look forward to your posts. I think we all agree about the community that is so uplifting when we are down. Looking forward to another eight years of IRO!

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  3. Congratulations IRO. Eight years is a long time to have been blogging but you’ve maintained a great standard and kept me entertained throughout. Your an excellent blogging buddy and I’m glad the internet brought us together to share our mutual interest and to have a little bit of banter along the way. Now bugger off there’s a good chap, I’ve got some figures that need painting! 🤣🤣

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  4. Happy 8th mate! Thanks for sharing a part of your life with the gang. I imagine most of us feel like we know you well enough to gladly share a pint with you and chat for a good long time. Well, except those a little worried about the craziness of IRO, but at least they know to RUN!

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