Da 101st Screemin Greenskins – part 1

Long time followers of the blog may remember that I have two Ork armies on the go that I’ve been chipping away on for years hehe. Theres an albino (but with some greenskins too) ork army called Da Blud Lettas and theres a German (WW2) army themed one called Storenfried. Well just to add to the confusion I’ve decided to do a US army (WW2) themed one as well haha.

Yearssss ago I’d spotted a kickstarter run by Maxmini for US army themed Orks and I fell in love but every time I checked the website they weren’t available. In the end it looked like the Kickstarter failed or something? Anyway, long story short, I was on their website at the beginning of this year (2021) and discovered that these amazing Orks were available as special order only. I was as excited as excited could be so I made sure I procured them asap! It took quite a while for them to arrive and when they did I was busy building a shed/cabin hehe. Now, however, I’m free to play… errr build and paint these amazing sculpts and let me tell ya folks they are by far the best Orks I’ve ever worked with. More on those another time.

After building all the minis and a Jeep I realised I needed some tanks so I got myself three 1/35 scale model tanks and got to work. I had so much fun putting these together. I literally opened the box threw away the instructions and kitbashed the shit out of them. So lets have a look at the first one I have finished. For those tank enthusiasts amongst you, lets see if you can tell me what the original base model was. 😉

“Da Fury”

As I am a big fan of the movie Fury I had to name one of the tanks after it. This was actually the second build I did and it happens to be my favourite.

I guess this only, technically, counts as one more greenskin painted for Orktober and for the friendly competition I’ve got going with Mr Wudu but mehhh I had fun building and painting it and that’s all that matters really innit? 👍🏼 

I’m looking forward to painting the other tanks I’ve built too plus allllll the US army themed Orks of which there are about 30. 



PS I’d like to thank Mark from https://markamorin.com

for his help with the name for this army.

41 thoughts on “Da 101st Screemin Greenskins – part 1”

  1. Smashing stuff mate, but shouldn’t the commander be sporting a flying helmet, have a beard and be eating some cheese, drinking some wine and catching some rays? Sorry there I go again with those negative rays man!

    Cheers Roger.

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      1. I just found the combat scenes a bit silly from memory, and a bit annoying as a result. It looked great, and it really captured the look and feel of WWII France (I guess, obviously I was never there!) but the combat scenes just really let it down and it was anticlimactic as a result! Though I did like the scene where the tanks and infantry attack the tree-line and trenches, it was done more realistically already in A Bridge too Far, and some of it was quite affecting, like the scene where the children with the panzerfaust kill the platoon’s officer and are machinegunned in turn…it was let down by the silly bits. A bit of an essay bit that was my feeling. If you’re going to go silly do it properly (for example, Inglorious Basterds).

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      2. haha yeah it’d be boring if we all liked the same stuff – I guess maybe I had different expectations going into it given how much they talked up using the historical tanks – anyway it was entertaining enough but I wouldn’t watch it a second time!

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  2. If the competition included points for Ork tanks as well as paraplegics you would certainly have stolen a march on old Wudu for sure but alas I fear they do not. Nevertheless this is another wonderful insight to the state of your mind. 😉🙂

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  3. The words ‘glutton for punishment’ come to mind! Others may use not as kind words for a poor unfortunate soul who starts a 3rd green skin army. Not me of course, I’m looking forward to seeing more gorgeous corruptions of the us hardware!

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  4. Just realised I hadn’t actually commented on this, which is a sin because it’s bloody brilliant! Love the flag, and the weathering, and the little Orky details all over it – it should definitely count as more than one too!

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    1. That’s ok mate I just assumed you were busy kicky my arse hehe. The flag was an after thought and even though I’m not great at freehand I think it worked out ok. Glad you like it but honestly dude I think counting it as one is fair.

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  5. Neat work mate, Its certainly a neat tank, I’m working on one at the moment and its a bugger of a little thing! I should have done what you did and threw the instructions out the window and save myself a lot of grief!!

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      1. Thanks mate, grim and determined , especially after spending a half hour looking for one of the tiny bogey wheels that flew out of the tweezers onto the carpet!!!

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