Crikey! Another miniature project.



I’ve read, only, one third of “Kharn Eater of worlds” by Anthony Reynolds and im sold.

I will be making a World Eaters Warband. I have to dammit. They’ve got nails in their brains. They’re blood hungry, chainaxe  wielding, MANIACS.

Not to mention how cool is Kharn? I mean, seriously, the guy makes death look like a walk in the park.

The Primarch is bad arse too!

Yep, I’m sold but hmmmm…….?

How to make it a little more unique?


4 thoughts on “Crikey! Another miniature project.”

    1. I know it’s not very Chaos-ish but I’m as excited as a school girl about this project ahahaha. Not sure when it’ll kick off yet. I might dabble with an idea over the next week but I’ve got soooo many other projects Id like to finish.

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