miniature obsession


I have a couple of things I would say I am obsessed with, that I can mention on here anyway…cough.

The Walking Dead for instance. Star Wars! Yes I am a stereotypical Geek. I would also say I have an unhealthy obsession with Chocolate. Tickling my forearms is another quirk I have and scratching the inside of my ears with a pen lid. Try it people.

A while ago I put up a post about how many miniatures I have. Not to gloat just to count them really.

Since then I have made a small dent in actually painting them but it’s been a lot of fun.

However, despite having soooooo many little men waiting to be painted, I still find myself on the hunt and buying more.

It’s like I just can’t get enough.

I wouldn’t say I have an overly addictive personality but when it comes to this old/new hobby of mine I am clearly obsessed.

I’ve started to spread my wings a little more when it comes to the manufacturers and I’ve even discovered (I am very slow on some things… A lot of things) Kickstarter Mini’s.

There are also some up and coming manufacturers/artists too like this guy



What I put my obsession down to, mostly, is YOU! Yes YOU! The Sculptor, the Painter, the Converter, the Hobbyist, the Wargamer, the Enthusiast, the Writer, the Photographer and, of course, the Blogger.

You all inspire me to, not only, get better at all aspects of the hobby but to also push my imagination.

I’m often astounded at my own obsession and the fact that I really lose myself in this hobby. When I take a step back I think, wow I’m insane. Then the moment passes and I’m straight onto eBay looking for that perfect bit to use as a Archeotech for some deranged, rusted, fallen Space Marine haha.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on your own fall into this miniature world of ours.

How full on is your obsession?

Does it consume a good portion of your thoughts each day?





14 thoughts on “miniature obsession”

  1. Yes it does mate… too much at times dude, and Kickstarter is lethal! Still, on the plus side, I am reliably informed you can’t die as long as you have unfinished miniatures to paint, so I look at it as investing in immortality 😉

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  2. I don’t know what percentage of my *thoughts* it takes up, but it takes up a whole lot of physical space in my home. Add in the electronic gaming and other geek hobbies and… well, it’s a sad state of affairs. But hey, I enjoy it, it’s my own life, and it won’t matter either way whether I was into cars, paintball, football, or tiny sculptures once I’m dead inside 50 or so years (probably a lot less!) – so c’est la vie.

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  3. I feel you. I think a lot about miniatures, modelling projects, colour schemes…dreaming up new projects that will maybe never be. I guess I am obsessed and a modelling addict. Gladly I can see only positive effects of this addiction. It is a really fullfilling hobby with so many aspects to it that I can’t see it ever becoming a bore. There will be always another project, some other thing I could build, another miniature to paint or convert. I am actually really glad that such a begning hobby ticks all the boxes for me. It is creativem affordable, low stress and obviously fun. I could imagine many other hobbies that provide the sane to other people but come with a lot more risk or expenditure. Bottom line: Best hobby in the world and easy to gez obsessed about, naturally totally objective :p.

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  4. I definitely consider myself heavily engaged with the hobby! I have more models than I’ll ever paint, and the hobby does consume a fair bit of time and space (both physical and mental). I often find myself designing new projects or shopping for stuff if everyday life gets stressful, so there’s that mood modification aspect there as well.

    I used to wonder if I spend too much time or money in this, but came to the conclusion that there are far unhealthier and more expensive ways to relax and enjoy life than painting, gaming and collecting.

    For the most part I steer clear of Kickstarters apart from the occasional small purchase. Knowing myself, receiving a hundred new miniatures all at once would feel so daunting that they’d probably stay unpainted for ages, and as said, I already have plenty. I was really interested in the recent Blood & Plunder pirate KS, but rationality got the best of me for once!

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  5. I hear you about the obsession of collecting, painting, customizing and just thinking of the next project, item or idea about miniatures. I have a bunch of different collections, and jump back and forth to them depending on what drives me towards them. Between books, toy soldiers, playmobil and a few other things, I am running out of room. The last year I had to clear out some things, build some new shelves and reorganize my space to clean everything up. It was almost like hoarding! But I am getting everything in order and should have it finished by the end of this year to my liking.

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