The Revenant Horde of dark Hallow – Part 8

The very first Zombie movie I ever saw was “Return of the Living Dead part II.”

It was 1989 and I was ten years old, sleeping over at my mates house. We crept out to the lounge room in the “Dead” of night and put on a new video of his Dad’s. It would only be couple of years later that we would do something similar with a whole different kind of video involving Nurses…… Errr… where was I?

Yep! Zombies!!

Two things happened the night I watched my first Zombie movie.

  1. I couldn’t be more petrified if a wild Rhinoceros had just come home from a hard day at the swamp and found me wearing his pajamas, smoking his cigars and in bed with his wife.(Thank you BlackAdder)
  2. I fell in love with Zombies.

Now, 27 years later, I’m painting little miniature Zombies and loving life.

Just to reiterate, I am using the three stage theory for my zombies.

Recently bitten = Still human-ish. Wearing clothes, not rags, fresher blood and, out of habit, still using weapons. They’re also quite fast on their feet and, if able to, they can run.

Bitten a few months ago = Rotting flesh, congealed blood, more brainless, still holding weapons but not really knowing what to do with them.

From the grave = Decrepit, flaky, dried blood, slow moving but just as scary as the other levels of Zombification.

So here we have the last Zombie unit for my Horde, These guys are in the “Recently Bitten” category.

Each one has a wound of some kind, inflicted by other zombies. Something interesting to note is the poor souls who have had their whole faces and scalps eaten off, leaving a shiny, bloody, skull and nothing else. Ouch!

I hope you like them folks.


13 thoughts on “The Revenant Horde of dark Hallow – Part 8”

  1. Night of the Living Dead was one of my first horror movies. I was about the same age as well. Damn disturbing movie that young.

    Nice work on the zombies. I really like the pictures you take as well. You can tell you are setting a scene.

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  2. I like your concept of the three stages of zombification. Could make for some interesting new troop types and army lists. Mixing the undead pieces with Empire soldiers worked very well, I need to try that sometime.

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    1. Thanks man. It’s an old theory but it’s always made sense to me. My horde is an old creepy one so I didn’t want to use any “modern” looking body parts. The Empire bits worked a treat. Some turned out better than others but overall they look pretty cool I reckon. Thanks again.


    1. Thanks a lot Roger. My wife works shift work so once shes in bed – 8 or 9pm I start whittling away. Over the weekends I get a bit of time too sometimes. I’m not sure how high the standard is though haha. I always aim high but my skills aren’t that good yet. Especially when my benchmark for skill level is measured on the likes of Iron Sleet and Go War Head. Thanks again Pal, much appreciated.


  3. Very cool – nothing finer than sneaking in a way-to-scary movie in when you’re a kid. My stand out memory is It (part 1)… Pennywise still shits me right up! Anyway, I digress – cracking zombies dude 🙂

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  4. Great story- I remember the kids TV series ‘Knights of God’ kickstarted my interest in Alt History, Civil Wars and Insurgencies.

    Sad to say I can’t remember my first Zombie film… although my favourite is probably Dawn of the Dead.



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