My Daughter has a Doppelganger and she is a Viking!!!!


Hello fine people. My wife and I love watching TV shows together. Some we have watched so far –

Breaking Bad – 5 Stars

Black Books – 5 Stars

The IT Crowd – 5 Stars

One foot in the grave – 5 Stars

Sons of Anarchy – 4 Stars

The Walking Dead – A GAZILLION Stars!

We’ve also been watching Vikings. Oh my sweet Odin it’s so GOOD. I’ve been a big fan of Vikings in general since I was a wee little sprocket and this show is the epitome of Viking goodness.

Anyway, last night we were watching, I think Season 4 episode 5 or 6 and this little cherub appeared…


Her name, as above, is Siggy and she is Bjorn’s daughter, Ragnar’s Grandaughter.

She is a cute as a button and a dead ringer for our little girl Willow –


Even the mannerisms were the same.

I was well chuffed and have already bored all my friends and family with this amazing discovery. One mate suggested Willow could be Siggy’s stunt double  ChaChing Hahaha.

That’s all folks, nothing to do with our hobby of course but I thought I’d bore you lot with it as well haha.

One more pic just for fun. This is Willow on Christmas day in her new supergirl outfit in front of her new (INDOORS) Cubby. She decided on the pose. I think she is highly influenced by her eldest sister who poses the same in just about every photo. Yeah I don’t get it haha.




20 thoughts on “My Daughter has a Doppelganger and she is a Viking!!!!”

    1. Hehe cheers mate. I’m still trying to get through Game of thrones season one. I’ve attempted to watch it at least 6-7 times. All my friends and society in general think I’m insane but I just can’t get into it… yet at least. I really want to though haha.


  1. She’s adorable, man! And I agree there’s some built-in pose that women know how to do for pictures, while us guys sort of just stand there or lean on something like gorillas.

    I need to get watching Vikings. My brother has been singing its praises for years and I keep meaning to give it a go.

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  2. Aww, she’s so cute! 🙂 She really does look like that little girl from the show.
    I really need to give Vikings a watch sometime. I think it’d be something I’d get into, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Like with books, there’s so much out there and never enough time to get to it all. 😛

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      1. Basically if you enjoyed Breaking Bad, you’d probably also enjoy watching Ozark. They are similar in a lot of ways … but different.

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