New hobby space

I’ve often seen people put up posts about their hobby spaces. Usually I’ve yawned and just gone right… next. However now I’ve made my own hobby space I expect you all to be absolutely fascinated haha.

Ok, ok I get it now. It’s exciting to have a place you can call your own haha.

Over the years, in the house I currently reside in, I’ve gone from a junk room, to large living room to, now, a nice sized ex-dining room.

The junk room was cold and lonely.

The living room was huge for me and my little hobby and I felt selfish because the wife and kids were forced to watch telly in the toilet.

This new room of mine is just right. Although my dream is to have a largish man-shed one day. With spa, pool table, bar (well stocked) and several gaming tables and the walls lined with shelves for minis and terrain and…….. well you know how the dream goes.

So here are the pix.


A good sized room that fits everything I need. Check those lockers out. Pretty cool huh. I painted them to look rough and industrial. I “found” the lockers behind my old work place. *cough.


Gaming table. I’d also jammed on a large Ork fort board which was a looooong work in progress but tonight I decided to loot it and chuck the board away in favour of smaller terrain piece projects.


The lockers. Love em. I’ve built shelves in them too so they hold lots of goodies. Behind the red door you’ll find dozens of sandwich bags filled with minis. Behind the yellow door there’s boxes of unopened minis. Behind the first blue door you’ll discover cardboard, polystyrene, some Ork vehicles and a large magnify lamp. Behind blue door number two you’ll find life jackets, camping equipment and a snooker/pool cue that has “Ballbreaker” engraved on it. Yes, believe it or not I have other interests too.

On top of the lockers there are pirate ships, a bastion and some gaming boards.


Display cabinet. There’s a second one I need to put up that will live on the right of the lockers.


And this is where the magic happens people. Haha. The toilet roll is for when I’m painting… honest!

I told you you’d be fascinated. Was I right? Huh? Was I ? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Yours sincerely IRO

61 thoughts on “New hobby space”

  1. I definitely was fascinated!!! I am also very jealous of that space! At the moment I am stuffed in a small office that also shares a piano, stacks of shelves and a desk with laptop, printer etc! I dream of having a space where I can get a gaming table I can leave out permanently (would be awesome) and a dedicated hobbying desk where I can leave out current projects, building, painting.

    Playing games at home at the minute is a mission having to get everything out from built in cupboards to put it away again, takes an hour in itself!

    Here’s hoping my next house will be able to accomodate!

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  2. I feel a “Men in Sheds” page coming on. Don’t underestimate the fascination of ogling other folks’ piles of half painted stuff in the making, rather than posed for the camera. The tidiness of your room shows mine up as the disgrace that it is … but I’m happy 🙂

    Regards, Chris.

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  3. Bastardo! Not really I’m just totally jealous 😀. I’ve regressed and gone from have a gaming room/study to instead having a nursery and a coffee table I can use once the daughter is asleep. ‘Dreams of new house’. P.s. That is a frighteningly tidy table/room. I’d like to see a picture in a few months and see if it is still pristine 😉.

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  4. Well, given that your minis just ooze anarchy and darkness, I’m amazed at your neat, bright workspace! Obviously “With order comes Chaos” is the motto!
    And I fully comprehend the term “an understanding wife” – it’s when your wife makes certain that you understand she has unlimited access to your PayPal account!
    Nice space!

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  5. Look at all that luxurious SPACE! With lockers too! I make do with my small home office for a bit of painting, but I would be hard pressed to have the space to get a 4×4 board setup to actually play a game without moving computer & hobby boxes to another room 🙂

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  6. I always thought that watching TV on the toilet was part of the dream?
    Anyway, nice man cave. Good to see the old hobbyist standards of Detolfs in there as well. Cherish these new pictures. Because it’ll never look that neat and clean again…

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  7. Looks amazing, man! Really happy for you with the new set up! I’ve been operating primarily off of the coffee table in the downstairs living room, but home renovations are done this week and I’ll have a dedicated hobby space of my own (not sure who’s looking forward to that more – me or my wife, who misses her living room!)

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      1. It’s funny because I need to read/see yours and others just as much as I need to post my own. Definitely an addiction isn’t it? A good healthy one though. I even find myself looking forward to retirement so I can do more hobby work Haha but then I worry I might be too old blind and shaky to be able to do it hehe.

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      2. I hear you 100%. That’s one of the neat ironies of this hobby – you do so much of it alone, but you need to share your work with others and see what others are up to, and you get inspiration, motivation, and support from others in the “community.”

        And haha I get that thought about retirement. I daydream about my models when I don’t have a chance to work on them!

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  8. HA! Poor wife and kids watching telly in the toilet, what troopers! Having your own space is the best thing. I wish I had one big space that was all my own but honestly, I have a spot that is mine in every room lol. (I won’t lie, I kind of like it that way too.)

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  9. Nice dude! I have to make do with a cupboard under the stairs, Harry Potter style. Its so full of hobby I can’t get into it at the moment! So I’ve now started to take over the living room 🙂

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  10. Nice! You lucky sod :p
    I love what you’ve done with those lockers! They’re very you haha

    I need to make myself a space like this. my place is just an old TV unit in the corner of my living room at the moment haha

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  11. Nice! That is indeed quite the awesome work area. 🙂 And I love those lockers.
    Cool post. It was neat to see where the magic happens. haha It makes me want to make a snazzy work area. I’ve *kinda* got one, but since I use a laptop to write I tend to abandon my desk and write in bed with my cat snoozing by my hip and lots of pillows and blankets. 😛 I’m a fan of being super cozy when I have the time to actually sit and write. Surprisingly it doesn’t result in me falling right to sleep.

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    1. Thanks. When people come over I always tell them “this is where the magic happens” what’s funny is that I even tell people who have no idea what is all about. We had a guy come round to talk to us about curtains and I told him and he just smiled awkwardly. Haha.

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