What’s better than “one shot one kill”?

The answer to the title/riddle is Three Shots Three Kills.

I saw Sniper (starring Tom Berenger and Billy Zane) many, many moons ago and loved it. I do wonder that if I watched it again I’d find it as thrilling? Old age has a way of changing cool things from your youth.

I loved the idea of a one shot one kill mission. A single soldier stalking/hunting his prey. Brilliant.

Enemy at the gates is another cool Sniper movie and one that has stood the test of time. It’s also based on a real person which always makes it cooler!

I completed these three chaps a couple of weeks ago but hadn’t got around to doing a post on them.

They were fun and quite easy to paint. The cloaks were the most fun.

I wanted this Sniper team to look dark and ghostly.

For their leader I went with a black beret at first but it just didn’t look right. I’m sure a camouflaged sniper wouldn’t usually wear a red beret that screams “hey everyone I’m over here!!!”. However, this particular leader is a cocky bastard so he looks for trouble.




24 thoughts on “What’s better than “one shot one kill”?”

  1. Excellent stuff – camo is a right nightmare to pull off in my experience but you’ve managed it with aplomb here. As for the red beret the Imperium’s hidebound obsession with tradition explains a multitude of odd things. Perhaps the leaders of this regiment’s snipers have been wearing the lucky hat of the martyred Saint Tiberius for over three thousand years. Only a treacherous heretic would refuse to wear such a blessed garment! Are you a heretic soldier? Do not fear being spotted by the enemy whilst wearing it – pray to the Emperor and he will disguise you… unless of course your faith is insufficient…

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    1. True and of course there were the red coats but I guess I like to think that by the 41st millennium we would have learnt a thing or two haha. However Wudugast makes a good point if you read his comment. Glad you like them man

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