Hoarding items Vs Finished items

First of all I wasn’t expecting Google to get it wrong.


Someone at google needs glasses dammit!

We all know what hoarding is right?

Well after my last thought provoking post –  https://imperialrebelork.wordpress.com/2018/06/29/hobby-vs-money/

It got me thinking about all the things we buy, hobby specific, that just sort of… well kinda… ummm just sits in the cupboard or on the shelf collecting dust. I also thought about the flip side of this phenomenon and how much of our lead/plastic bits and bobs we actually glue together, paint and enjoy??

It’s something, when I started getting into the hobby in a hardcore way, didn’t expect to happen. I just thought I’d buy something, build it, paint it and then display it or use it in a game here and there.

Now, three years in, I still have the very first thing I bought for my new chapter in the hobby which was an Ork Bomber Plane haha. It stares up at me every time I open the locker and I can hear it sniggering and whispering to itself how he tricked me into buying him.

Of course I have every intention of building and painting it BUT now there are so many other boxes and bags of models and kits and Lead minis waiting and taunting me.

I know I’m not alone in this.

As some of you know, I prefer building, converting and kitbashing to painting, although I have been annoying painting more lately. Therefore I have lots of sandwich bags FULL of “made” miniatures. So many. So as well as too many boxes of minis I have piles of bags of little plastic men too haha. I’d say the ratio for finished vs piled up minis for me would be 1/10 haha.

Now as there are soooooo many companies out there making so many cool minis my assumption would be that I’m just going to keep adding to the pile and then slowly chip away at it. I’m guessing that in retirement (twenty years from now) I’ll be able to knock out more painted models than ever before unless of course my hands tremble too much or I’m busy yelling at Grandkids to stop hiding my walking stick or pinching my pipe.

So if I’m honest with myself the pile will only get bigger and I don’t think I’ll ever say “I’m finished” and I guess I never want to.

With so many things in life there’s a start and an end.

You watch a movie from start to end.

You read a book from start to end.

You’re born you die.

With this beloved hobby of ours there is no end and that’s a very good thing in my opinion. For me it always feels like I’m searching or on a mission to build the best model. To paint the best model. I relate it back to my band days when I was always striving to write/play/sing the best song I could.

So folks, I’d love to hear your thoughts and also what you’re ratio is?


Merry Friday!



57 thoughts on “Hoarding items Vs Finished items”

  1. I don’t think I’m a hoarder, because I have plenty of pathways cleared out through the stacks of model boxes where I can get to any point in my house by my choice of 1-2 direct paths.

    I’d say that 1/10 sounds about where I’m at as well. It seems that lately my gaming friends have been giving me their ancient kits, which have been sitting in their garages, etc. for the last 20+ years so without buying a thing my ratio continues to expand … like a glorious fungus.

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      1. Yep, that’s the key, making sure you forge interconnected pathways through your piles of lovelies. 🙂

        Yes, indeed, they are some pretty nice friends.

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  2. I’ve given up on finishing books just because I’ve started them, although I certainly have a cupboard that bulges. I do try and pull out older models and give them some love along with the shiny new stuff. After all, they were new once too! Occasionally I evenlet a project go, un- or barely started, but like most of us, the inflow is faster than the outflow. I have no lasting solution to this 🙂

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  3. Ah, another thought provoking post, you’re getting good at this!

    Firstly, I’ve got to say your image of being 60 I find very disturbing! If Mick Jagger who is older than me can still cut it at his age then so can I. I’m going on tour next week😉.

    Hoarding. Not a nice word in my opinion, conjures up an image of unwanted rubbish piled from floor to ceiling by someone who has OCD issues and just can’t let things go. I would prefer to class myself as a collector. Someone who possesses wanted items, stores them in neat piles from floor to ceiling, has OCD issues and wont let any of it be cleared out because one day it will get painted.

    Until 18 months ago my ratio was 1:1. Then I started this blog and thanks to you guys my ratio is now 1:f**k me!

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    1. Haha the blog definitely cuts into actual hobby time but to be honest the blogging aspect is a big part of it for me. It’s like this…
      1. An idea forms in my unwashed, tainted and creative brain.
      2. I scour the internet or my bits boxes for far too long to be healthy.
      3. I cut, snip, slice, tuck, position and glue
      4. I base coat
      5. I place in a bag in my locker…
      6……….the model waits……………
      7……the model is still waiting……………..
      8…..model starts to lose the will to live…..
      9. Model is relieved to see the light of day and be handled lovingly and painted.
      10. Model goes on a photo shoot.
      11. Models images are posted on line along with some whimsical words for all to admire.

      If you’ve been keeping fit by strutting your stuff on the stage and keeping up with sexual partners a third of your age then I’d say you can compare yourself with the Legend that is Mr Jagger otherwise grab a tartan rug and hope that no one forgets to bring you in from the cold. Ahaha I’m literally laughing out loud while I type this. Jesus I need to start selling tickets to my comedy. Mum n dad might come along and maybe my wife if she isn’t doing anything else, like drinking tea.

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  4. I think hoarding and planning are some of the best things in this hobby. The painting and gaming stuff is fun too, but I tend to find a lot of enjoyment in the collecting aspect itself!

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      1. Best way is for them to have something comparable as a hobby, works for us at least. “Ok, I won’t complain if you don’t.” 😀

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  5. It may come as no surprise, but I hoard books. I probably have 70+ physical books lying around my house. I mean, most of them are on a book shelf but there’s too many so another bunch is still in a box and then there are random ones scattered around the house like some sort of bibliophile scavenger hunt. I fully intend to get them organized…..one day.

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      1. That was the last time I counted and that was a couple of years ago now. I also didn’t include the books on my kindle since they don’t take up physical space, so add another 30-40 for that. I could literally not buy a book for a year and be fine. (Except that I freakin’ love buying books.)

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      2. We may have had this conversation before but what’s your thoughts on Kindel V real books? I bought my wife a kindel a couple of years back because she’s an avid reader but she’s used the kindel two or three times haha.

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      3. I used to be the same way. The travel capabilities are big, I can take a large collection of books anywhere. That’s pretty cool when you’re a mood reader and don’t always know what you’re going to feel like reading next. Super cheap books help too. I try more new authors that way. Depending on with Kindle, it can have everything to do with the screen. A lot of people don’t like the backlit one, but I do since I can read in the dark with it. But I’ve just read like 4 ebooks in a row and I am SO ready to hold a physical book next.

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      4. Ok ok you have a lot of books sheesh haha.In australia, for a while, there was this thing happening on trains where you’d read a book but always leave it on the train for others to read it too. I think vandals put an end to it though. There’s also several bus stops near my place where there are little book cases filled with books and even some cushions.

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      5. That’s pretty cool. (Someone always ruins something for everyone else!) I’ve seen little book trading stations here and there. I used to have to go to the laundry mat and there was a small bookcase there. I read a few old lady romance novels while doing laundry lmao.

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      6. My sisters used to read a lot of Mills and Boon haha. I need to read more, I miss it. I’ve always wished you could trace the history of a book. As in find out who owned it before you and before them etc. I love old book stores, which are hard to find these days.

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      7. Is it weird that I’ve never been too curious about people who have had books before me? Except maybe things like, “Why the hell would you give up such a good series?” and “WHO THE FUCK USED CHEETO FINGERS TO TURN THE PAGE?!”

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  6. Hmmm, 100+ Graphic Novels, probably close to the same in Blurays, a closet full of boardgames, a double closet full of gaming stuff, a desk which seems to be perpetually full of plastic crap, and 139 paints and counting.

    Am I a hoarder? I’d like to say “no”. My non-hobbying Wife might say otherwise. I think the “advantage” for me is that as much as I like to collect things, there is another part of me that loves to get rid of things and declutter. I guess I’m like one of those snails who adopts different shells. It’s killer on the wallet though, as I’ve repurchased the same things so many times.

    Paint to plastic ratio? Why do you ask these questions?! Tough one, as I’ve just returned to painting in the last couple years, and sold off old minis before that. I’ve been collecting the new Necromunda and Blood Bowl teams as they come out. So, fuzzy math….4 Necro teams, 13 Blood Bowl teams (including some that were not new releases). Makes 17 teams, and I have 1.5 painted. 11 and 1/3 percent. Likely buying 4 more teams this year. Yea, no prob keeping up with that. Uggggggh….

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    1. Haha I would hate to have to ask you for directions. I like to de-clutter too. Every now and then I think right enough is enough I need to tidy this crap up. In doing so I chuck out lots of old sprues I had every intention of using for some piping on some terrain piece haha. I get everything looking tidy and sorted but I’d say in less than a week it’s madness again. Actually what it is is organised chaos. I know where everything is.

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  7. Painted to plastics/resin ratio, hmmm, that would be tough as I only unpainted I have a Bolt Action starter set, some old Airfix French Foreign Legion 1:72, a 1996 Warhammer starter set, plus some walls and craters for terrain – and painted plastic maybe 20 or so figures in an old Warhammer Elven pike unit. Oh yeah, my M24 Chaffee tank ( which is half metal and half resin).

    As for metal stuff, I have enough to paint for life possibly now. Limiting myself to buying old stuff I need to round out units that I now have. As for paints, I have well over 250 and that’s getting used.

    To quote Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry in Magnum Force (before your time): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2JnCXvm_Qc

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    1. 250 paints?? Wowee sunshine. I have about 30-40 I think? Before my time yes but I grew up watching Clint Eastwood movies, Lee Marvin and John Wayne movies. Then I saw Commando and Arnold changed everything for me haha.

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  8. I’ve long since got to the stage where I surprise myself with figures and boxes I’d completely forgotten I’d had. Somewhat anal, I know, but I once tried cataloguing all my figures. I gave up!

    Saw this cartoon earlier today which is somehow appropriate 🙂


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  9. I’m a hoarder- I’m happy with that- I lead a simple life and it gives me pleasure; although it is a sort of much amusement to my friends that I’ll get crushed to death by a loads of books in a bookalanche that I’ve stacked up somewhere. To day I sorted out a pile of a 100 or so books just to find one I was after (I was going to buy a copy but then saw a picture of an earlier editions and remembered that I owned that version so didn’t need to buy it after all).



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  10. I started my blog with its Projects section (and a spreadsheet to track it all!) to try and avoid the conclusion that I was buying for the sake of it. There’s a plan, and it will take a while to complete, but complete it I shall! Just 886 models left to go…

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  11. I have hundreds of paints (no idea how many, TBH) and thousands upon thousands of models, and buy a ton more than I manage to paint. Though I’m trying to get more painted than ever before these days.

    However, I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, and so the money that would otherwise go to such wholesome hobbies instead goes to toy soldiers, videogames, interesting tech, and the occasional bit of wrestling and pop culture merch. I’ll never manage to paint it all, but I’m not harming anyone (well, I could pay off the house faster, but whatever) but bills are paid and I’m now old and prickly enough to not really give very many fucks about what other people think about my hobbies and lifestyle and be willing to tell them just how many I give to their faces, which in turn means there’s little I need to worry about there.

    When I die, there’s going to be a ton of half-finished projects and model kits and other crap still shrink-wrapped. But then again, you only go around once, so may as well try to enjoy it as much as possible and not live based on what other people might think, eh?

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  12. I used to be a bit of a hoarder, buying much more than I ever painted, but I’ve really been trying to reverse that tread over the last couple of years (my blog really helps with this), plus as davekay said above, it helps to have a system of some sort to try and keep track of what you have done/have bought. I do try and “thin the herd” a bit from time to time too.

    I used to be the same with Video’s/DVD’s but again haven’t bought a DVD for a few years now (still have a cupboard full of ones I never watch or only watched once.

    But you know what they say “Once you finish painting all your figures you die!” so I should be safe for a few years yet!

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. I was like that for a long time with DVDs, then Blu-Rays for awhile. Still way too many I’ve never watched. Of course between people and their hard drive collections and Netflix, there’s so much more out there than I’ll ever watch, so that’s been quite good for cutting the blu-ray purchases down to almost nil. And also, easier to cull, for that matter!

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  13. As always, I’ve come late to this party, probbly ’cause it took me ages to read all of the very sensible comments! Without counting, I reckon I now have more stuff painted than waiting to be painted! I can think that has only come about through me now believing that because it’s what I tell my wife, or I’m completely wrong!

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  14. The NHS is quite clear that hoarding is defined by the amount of stuff that you have being so big that it prevents you from finding something that you need. If you have a system and can find things on demand, it is a collection!

    Regards, Chris 🙂

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  15. I used to collect a lot of things (books, pewter miniature statues, comics, old school video games, etc.) but I’ve really thinned a lot of my collections out over the years from moving a fair amount. I’ve kind of become more of a minimalist, I suppose. (I think a large part of that may just have come from my seething hatred of packing when moving!) 😛

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    1. Haha I’m not a big fan of moving either but I think that stems from when I worked as a removalist. Brutal! Worse thing I shifted, with the help of three other blokes, was a grand piano up two flights of stairs. Insane.

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