Mordheim Nightmare – Part 2. Witch hunters

Witch hunters are exactly what you imagine so I went with what I imagined them to look like.

Thorne Spectre & Judas (dog) – He is also a Commander for the Royal BannaRoff Guard but to make some extra cash he hunts witches, demons, ghouls and anything else with or without a pulse. I added a couple of extra bits and bobs including the tall collar and also a dog called Judas.


Blackjack – He’s been hunting bad things for a very, very long time. Too long actually. He’s quite a chunky miniature and I’m looking forward to painting him.


Father Axiom – He’s pretty much straight out of the “Blackfortress” box apart from the addition of a pistol and a the bird skull. I also trimmed off anything that didn’t look like it fit in the Mordheim universe. Great sculpt.


X – Mute, savage and a skilled hunter. Another simple conversion. Gave him a crossbow, some long scripts for his back and a head swap. I like his stance.


The Deakin – I actually recycled this guy from another project. He’s partially painted but I’m going to change all that.


Next we have two apprentice witch hunters.

Mr Rogan (1st) and Klaus (2nd)


I was intending to show you the Bretonnian Knights Warband tonight but then the above happened haha. I dunno, I just roll with it.

In other news I stabbed myself in the upper thigh with a scalpel while trying to cut one of my beloved plastic miniatures. Maybe it’s Karma. It bled like a bastard but didn’t hurt at all.

I did put up a photo but it was quite graphic so I’ll spare you haha.



22 thoughts on “Mordheim Nightmare – Part 2. Witch hunters”

  1. Does renameing Scooby Do to Judas count as a conversion? If it does I’m going to have a go at it 😉. Seriously, like them all mate, are you planning some witches too? Most of all I like that you plan out your evening and come he’ll or high water stick to it! 😊 Best not to swim to far from the shore with your cut leg, would hate to think of you giving indigestion to a rogue Great White.

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  2. Looking forward to seeing your paint on them. I too would like to see witches. Just saying.

    I always seem to stab myself just after I’ve fixed a new sharp blade on. Accidentally swept a new bladed knife across the cutting mat and straight into my other hand’s finger joint last time. Pulled it out like you see angry heroes do when skewered with arrows in films. You don’t tend to see said heroes cry pathetically afterwards though.

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    1. Whaaaaat???? Does the photo still come up for you? That’s odd. I removed it before posting and it’s not showing on mine. Haha well I am sorry mate. I tried to spare everyone the horror haha. Bretonnians are made but I think I’ll paint them before posting.

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  3. Yikes! Glad you didn’t hit your femoral artery with that scalpel. :O
    Very cool work here. I agree with some of the other commenters about how awesome it would be if you decide to make some witches, too. 🙂

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    1. That’s exactly what my wife said. She works for the ambulance and said any deeper and a bit more to the left and I could have been in real trouble. If that had of happened I would have told everyone it was from a knife fight at a bar. NOT from cutting up plotter plastic men hahaha. Witches it is then. Just for you and Cupcakes.

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      1. Haha that’s the best part of any gnarly scar, the epic stories you can make up about how you got it. 😉
        Yay!! I’m beyond thrilled to hear about the witches. Can’t wait to see what you cook up! 😀

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