CoffinWood part 3 – painting and the town has commenced

In part 2 I showed you guys some of the buildings I put together for my CoffinWood (Wild West project). In part 3 I’ll show you some paint work I’ve done on the MDF kits.

I’ve got to say I’m having a lot of fun painting these kits. They’re so simple and flat and easy. It’s like filling in the colours the colour in book. Everything is grooved so there’s no guess work with lines etc. It’s been quite cathartic painting the Wild West buildings and I’m looking forward to doing more. I’m still waiting on 3D printed buildings too and I think I’ll enjoy painting those even more.

The gallows but you can also see a couple of buildings in the background. Three colours were used on the gallows. Dark brown, mid brown and then a bone colour for highlights. I also have the deck a wash of Agrax. Simple.

General store and Bank (I’m thinking of scrolling “ a few dollars more” above the bank sign hehe). As you can see the painting is rough but I think that suits the overall aesthetic I’m going for.

They’re a bit toy-ish but I don’t know, something about their simplicity is really appealing to me.

A bit more dry brushing on the sheriffs office gave this building a bit more rustic charm.

I also built

la casa de los impíos (The house of the unholy) which will act as a hideout for one of the gangs. 

I purpose damaged the building a little to give it a bit of an old run down vibe.

My plan of doing terrain/buildings first to keep me enthused is working a treat I’ve got to say.

Some more T-shirt’s 😊

Can anyone guess the movie?



39 thoughts on “CoffinWood part 3 – painting and the town has commenced”

  1. Hey mate these are so different from your norm! what have I missed! what is it, the Taming of the Ork! they are pretty niffty mate and I agree with Borderguy in regards to the painting!

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    1. Cheers mate. Yeah my whole mindset on MDF has changed BUT I’m not sure about using them in 40k or any other settings really. Maybe my pirate island. Mikko did some awesome MDF buildings for his pirate project a couple of years ago that looked phenomenal

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      1. Yeah, what you’ve done here look good but you’re painting kits that are made out of wood and which represent wooden buildings. What I’m interested in is using them for Necromunda – there’s some really gorgeous kits for Necromunda out there, and the price is fantastic compared to GW stuff, and way beyond what I could do as a scratch builder at the moment, so I’m very tempted. However I do wonder how well they would work if you’re trying to model metal buildings rather than wooden ones? I mean on the one hand plastic kits can end up looking like metal or stone rather than plastic, so why wouldn’t wood? But on the other my instinct is they would still look wooden somehow (I know that sounds daft but there it is). I dunno, I guess I should get one of the cheaper kits and have a play around, see how it turns out.

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      2. Doesn’t sound daft at all mate. That’d be my concern too. They are very 2 dimensional and blocky. As you say though just get a cheap one and play around. A man with your skills could paint a banana to look like some sort of industrial spire. The other thing you could do is glue on some plastic bits and nubbins.

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      3. Those are both good suggestions, I’ll give it some thought. Of the two I’m more inclined towards adding a few plastic bits and bobs, I think that could help tie them in. The banana is a good shout though, but I’d probably just end up eating it.

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      4. I have an Industrial MDF piece, but I don’t think I ever painted it. It’s one of the boxes somewheres, that I haven’t opened since our move. I just might have to break it out and try it.

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      5. Bad news on the terrain piece, looks like it might have gotten tossed out or lost during the move. I did find some similar pieces to a set that I guess I never put together. They are ‘prepainted’ with some industrial design. If I cobble it together I’ll share a pic on the blog.

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  2. Very nice, I know what you mean about the “toy’ish” quality to them but as you say I too rather like it and it suits the “vibe” perfectly. Have you thought of adding some sheets of sand paper to the roof’s as tar paper? just an idea?

    Took me a minute to get “The Thing” as I kept looking at the pic of “Kurt Russel”, and seeing “Mick Foley” for some reason, so originally though it was some sort of WWE reference 😂.

    Motorhead are cool! (saw them supporting Alice Cooper).

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Oh wow! Never got to see MH live. That would have been incredible. The tar and paper is a good idea but I’m keeping things fairly simple. Although I am considering wallpaper for the saloon and brothel.


    1. Ah but do you mean the remake of “The Thing From Another World” (A total classic!), or the remake of “The Thing” that was really a prequal to “The Thing” but was also confusingly called “The Thing”? 🙄🤔😁😉😕😵🤪

      Cheers Roger.

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  3. Really nice work on the MDF buildings. I find them to be pretty agreeable and easy to work with as well so I’m glad to see you’re enjoying the process. When all is said and done, you will have a great looking Wild West table to play your games on! 🙂

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  4. Great work on them, mate. The paint really adds a lot to them. The “toy” quality from them is because they’re very flat and (even with the worn paint) very clean. If you want to change that, I reckon it’s just a matter of adding more uneven surfaces and textures to them, and afterwards a decent bit of dirt/grime/small debris. It’s the difference between these and your Fembruary Treehouse.

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  5. That’s my kind of town! Looking really nice, your treatment of buildings continues impressively.

    Love The Thing movie. The John Carpenter / Ennio Morricone soundtrack is fabulous.

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  6. Great star on your town, and the paints look really good on them. Adding “A Few Dollars More” either above, or as subtext, would be great.

    The Thing. I saw it way after it came out, think my first watch was in 00s. But still an amazing movie. The second watch I was yelling at the screen “No, no, no, get the dog!!!”. Lol.

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