Battle Report: The Abandoned Oil Refinery.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve played a game and written up a battle report but here we are. 

Now I’ve recently watched all of the Mad Max Films as Big Waz and I are doing a two part podcast special on the series. You can find the first part here –

Big thanks to Roger from Under The Wagames Table for his help on the episode.

Sooooo what better scenario to have than having an oil refinery in the middle of the desert with a bunch of bad guys trying to kill them? 

My middle daughter Sianne was keen to have a game as it had been a while. The running score up until this game was she was on 4 wins and I was on 1. 

Sianne would be in charge mighty Stouthearted 31st Praetorian Guard and I would be commanding Da BludLetta Orks

Here’s the layout of the map

Turn 1:

The Praetorian Guard were commissioned with defending the oil refinery against all enemies of the imperium. Why? Well no one really knew as there hadn’t been oil there for over a century but these chaps did not question orders. Sianne won the roll and would go first but as she was pretty well set up in good defensive positions she decided to pass. 

I wasted no time and pushed forward a small mob of Ork Boyz to, what looked like, the weakest section of the refinery’s defences. How wrong I was. Within moments the entire mob were obliterated by las-canon that sat atop the defences. 

Turn 2: 

The Praetorian guards guns were still a little out of reach so Sianne and her redcoats patiently waited for the next attack. 

This time I used some nice ranged weapons from Warboss BludKleevah and he took out a whole bunch of humans. Hoorah! Alas as soon as the Ork horde moved in though they were shot down. BludKleevah himself even sustained a nasty wound. 

I moved in half a dozen brutes (freshly painted in Orktober) and man was I excited to see what they could do. Sadly most of them failed to do too much damage but one wild eyed Greenskin managed to get through the defences and go hand to hand with several Prae Guardsmen. It was savage combat and he took down three or four of the well dressed imperial guard before he himself was slain. 

Turn 3: 

BludKleevah and a mob of Ork Boyz took down the praetorian guard redoubt and moved into the compound. Several Brutes climbed into a tower to take on a couple of the guard leaders but were all killed. Then some Ork Boyz climbed up to see how they’d go and took down Lieutenant Chard of the Prae Guatd before they too were all killed. BludKleeva took on Captain Flatley and the two fought gallantly before Flatley managed to gut shoot the Big Old Warboss. Flatley laughed as BludKleevah crumpled to the dusty ground. 

Turn 4: 

More Ork Brutes charged the compound and took out the last line of defenders including a couple more leaders of the Red  coats. Sianne tried to bring in her Leman Russ tank as reinforcements but failed the rolls. More Ork Boyz swarmed in and took down guardsman after guardsman but they didn’t go down without a fight. 

Turn 5: 

Soon it was all hand to hand combat. The screams of the dying came from both sides but it soon became apparent that the Orks had the victory this day. 

It was a fun battle and tonight my youngest, Willow (8) wants to try her hand at the fun hehe. Start em young I say hehe. 



42 thoughts on “Battle Report: The Abandoned Oil Refinery.”

  1. Great game report, I was hoping the Praetorians would hold out but it was a fitting result for orktober! The battle map is a blank white square for me, not sure if others can see it though.

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      1. Yeah that is the oddest bit – my browser doesn’t pick up the square as being an image at all! When I right click, none of the image options appear. It is like this in both Chrome and Edge, whether I view it on the site or through the Reader. The other images are fine.

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  2. Looked like your daughter was going to win another game Luke, but you turned it round at the end, always the problem facing Orks, there’s always another wave

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  3. Looks like a great game, I especially like the final photo where the Praetorian chap is just standing there looking stoic and dashing despite all the Orks closing in! Good to see your new warboss in action too – damn he’s a monster (some might say a behemork…).

    Re the map – I can see the white box that Davekay describes – and below it I can see an overview of the board (so I can see both basically). WordPress is just being a bit weird lately, they must be “improving” it again.

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    1. I’m not sure where I went wrong with the upload but for some reason that picture was tricky. I’m not loving WP to be honest. It’s very clunky these days and I’m no IT guru so that makes it even more challenging haha.

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  4. Great looking game, but not a V8 in evidence? What do the Orks do just run round and round the refinery! I mean what if they want to “drive out into the desert for no apparent reason and then drive back” 😉

    Have listened to the Podcast by the way, good stuff, you were a lot more in-depth than I expected, I thought you’d just come out with lots of quotes, and describe your relationship with “Was” in terms of different characters in the films….oh wait you did that too! 😁

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Well I actually haven’t got too many Ork vehicles built and painted but they’re certainly on the to do list. Haha glad you enjoyed the episode mate. I thought it was a good one apart from this well spoken English chap who kept interrupting the banter. 😉

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  5. That’s an excellent battle report! I love the source of inspiration and the grimdark twist you applied. Would love to see the subsequent scenario where the stragglers flee into the wastes and are harried by bike and buggy boyz. 😈

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  6. Its a tough life in the Guard! You just get your boots nice and shiny, then they send you off to be duffed over by a bunch of scruffy oiks, somewhere that no-one’s ever heard of!

    Regards, Chris. 🙂

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  7. If that isn’t a good way to celebrate Orktober, I don’t know what is! The pictures look great and I’m glad to hear everyone had fun too. That is the most important part after all 🙂

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  8. Ah, my favourite Praetorians engaged in another backs-to-the-wall bloodbath. They went down in the best traditions of the regiment making sure old BludKleevah bit the dust first…

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