Ork invasion part 20

What’s better than a Big Ork? That’s right, an even BIGGER ORK. 

A little while ago I showed you guys Warboss BluKleevah and told you that he was the biggest Ork in my collection well now he’s the second biggest after this Giant. 

As the keen eyed amongst you can probably tell he’s more fantasy based and, technically, he’s an Ogre but all I see is ORK. His little Or(c) crew also look more like Lord Of The Rings type Orcs too but I don’t care they’re all part of my BludLetta 40k Ork army. Talking of the crew, the one on his chest is kinda cool but the one in the catapult is a really bad sculpt.

He’s a 3D print that I acquired from Etsy and I am absolutely in love with him hehe. 

I went for a relatively straightforward paint job but then to give him (when I say him I mean the big guy) a nice point of difference I decided to give him some basic warpaint. Not amazing though i guess. I’m very happy with his face and, at the suggestion of Dave Stone, i tinkered with some purple on the skin too.

He’s a big fella but only counts as one model with two extras for crew. So another three to my personal tally for Orktober which takes me to 17. I still have some catching up to do with Mr “Green Mean Painting Machine” Wudugast hehe. 



40 thoughts on “Ork invasion part 20”

  1. Wow, now that is a big ork! He fits in pretty well with GW’s sculpts too which I imagine is the most important thing here. Great job finishing off such a large mini. This competition has brought out the best in you and Wudu!

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  2. Maaate (as you would say), what an awesome big ogrey ork! I think the paint job is very good – so ease up on yourself. Worth a brag indeed. The colors work well and at this rate, you’re going to need a bigger cabin (nod to Jaws)…

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  3. Well if you’re gonna have one have a BIG one! as they say, and he is a whopper! I think you’ve done a lovely job on the painting mate, I’d happily have him in my collection (apart from the fact he’s an Ork, of course, and I don’t think the Elves would like him moving in and reducing the property values 😉).

    Cheers Roger.

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  4. That is an epic model! The stone thrower on his back is just the icing on the cake! I’ve been wanting to pick up a giant for my OnGs and he is much better than the current GW one (ideally I’d get the old marauder one but I’m a bit put off by the cost)

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