Ork invasion part 21

It’s been a slow few days, painting wise, but I did manage to finish this green fellow. 

I used Contrast paints for the skin and, to be honest, I’m not a fan. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with different green skin tones the “normal” way and found the contrast one too… I dunno… just not quite right to my eye. Maybe I did it wrong? Not sure. 

Anyway heres GuckMucka 

This one takes me to 18 Orks painted for Orktober.



34 thoughts on “Ork invasion part 21”

  1. The model looks great Luke, contrast paints aren’t to everyone’s taste, I tend to use it as a shade, then go back to normal method’s to highlight it.

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  2. Very nice – you’ve used one of my favourite Ork heads there as well. 18 models is damn good going, especially when life is busy. I think you’ve done a good job with the contrast paint but I know what you mean, I find painting in “the contrast method” more trouble than it’s worth. I do find them a useful tool (they’re great for warpaint for instance) but for most things I fall back on the traditional techniques.

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  3. I think the skin turned out quite well, though it is quite bright green (more than I’d go, and I would have thought you would too, being the grim dark man you are). Never used contrast paints myself either mate, I’m a creature of habit, I find something that works and I stick to it mainly.

    Nice fig, like the red edges on the armour.

    Cheers Roger.

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  4. This looks good IRO. Contrast paints are useful as a tool but are not a be-all and end all. I use them with other stuff – washes and also I highlight – that is when I paint a figure which I have not since May or June! Each color brings its own issues and I am looking forward to trying AP’s. Not sure if its the photography here but I have found some of the contrast paints can be glossy and the green has more shine than what you usually do, but it does have a sweatier look so not a criticism. Maybe if you added a coat of very diluted matte varnish with a brush. Again, I think its good. Just keep experimenting – that’s your forte anyways!

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  5. I think the skin is pretty vibrant and I like it, but it doesn’t quite fit your style so I can see where you may not be a fan. I’m messing around with Contrast paints for the first time myself and I find that it is very easy to overshade the mini. Hopefully we both can figure this paint out and it saves us time in the long run too. You’ve got a few days to catch up to Wudu yet after all! 🙂

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